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Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

Posted by Shawrett on Jul 1, 2020 6:55 am

Hi: I was diagnosed in August of 2019 with pancreatic cancer. Had some real bad experiences on the initial start of this page in my book; but I’m doing reasonably well. I had the Whipple procedure in September and the removed all the tumour. I’m currently having chemo and I have 3 treatments left. It has been a tough go and I haven’t really spoken to anyone about the entire process. A month ago they noticed some small spots in my liver so we are now working on eliminating those.

i was always a health and exercise nut. I’m now back to walking (no running yet), yoga and recently my bike. I am also digging deeper into my food as I no longer digest food the same way. I have gone mostly to plant based and have learned lots about various foods.  I have also got more into urban pole walking and love it. 

I’m here to talk to others and just hang out and get to know people who are going through this. 

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted by cancertakesflight on Jul 1, 2020 7:25 am

Welcome Shawrett‍. It sounds like you have been through a lot and that you have handled things relatively well. It's great that you are returning to yoga and exercise and for recognizing that you needed to change what yiu were eating to address the changes to your digestive system.

I completed my treatments in 2011 for breast cancer. I discovered this site 4 years after my treatments ended and wished I had found it earlier. There are a great mix of people on this site. Each person has their own story and they can provide answers and support as needed. I like to provide support where I can. 

Where you go on this depends on what you want to give ir get. If you want to find people who had your particular cancer you can find it under the Cancer Types thread. There are a lot of good groups to join. There is one about eating well. Perhaps you can share what you have learned and pick up some new ideas.

Remember that if you want to call attention to a particular one of your posts, please type the @ symbol followed by the persons online name. A popup will display names that potentially match the name that you typed. Select it and that person is tagged. It will be highlighted in blue if it worked.

Please continue to wander around the site and keep us posted about how you are doing. It's great to have met you.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Posted by Wendy Tea on Jul 1, 2020 10:50 am

Shawrett‍  Welcome. You have had a challenging year but you are so kind to offer to share your wisdom with us.  Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share with us in Groups  Eating Well with Cancer?  Especially now we are looking for new menu ideas!  Please feel free to continue to explore the site.
Healing takes time and opportunity. Wendy Tea

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted by Whitelilies on Jul 2, 2020 12:19 pm

Shawrett‍ Hello
Welcome to our site, and I am sorry for the reason.
Yes you have had quite the year! Keep on walkin'/keep on pollin'/all so healthy
I peeked at your photo......2 handsome sons!
I also have 2 sons.....(i  happen to think they are handsome....lol)
My journey is....Colon Cancer.....and simply HAD to change my diet as well....I too have embraced a Plant based diet....no dairy, no meats, no sugar, no fun !!
I see a Naturopath who specializes in Oncology....she helps me with supplements too.  
I wish you strength.....keep moving forward......and welcome, once again.



Re: Introduce yourself

Posted by Laika57 on Jul 3, 2020 3:44 pm

Hi Shawrett‍ ,

Sounds like you grabbed that bull by the horns so to speak. Good for you.

I'm glad to hear you're back to exercising. My husband will be coming home from hospital next week, he just had the whipple done. He lives to bike, so being able to do that again was one of the main reasons he agreed to try the surgery. That, and chemo kicked his backside, so there wasn't much hope to get rid of the cancer that way alone. I sort of dread his coming home, he's still got some post op delirium. but we will tackle that when we get there. 

here's hoping those spots on your liver prove to be something else and/or will go away with chemo 🤞.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Posted by Shawrett on Jul 3, 2020 4:50 pm

Thank you everyone for the words of kindness and support.
my Whipple was last November  (I think)and I was home in 5 days. Unfortunately the ERCP in the previous August caused all the health issues as they cut my artery and I was bleeding internally for a few days. ICU and a 2week hospital stay set me back.

They got all the cancer as the tumour was in the bile duct mostly. I’ve had a few scans and the pancreas and other organs are good. The liver has small spots and that is what we are trying to see if chemo will work on those. 

I had to change my diet due to the Whipple but that is ok as I never ate much meal before this. I find dairy tough and I so love ice cream. The enzymes work for the most part.  Anyway, I’m here and I’m moving forward as I have lots to still do in my life.  I would love some advice on food and supplements.

Jo (Shawrett)

Re: Introduce yourself

Posted by Laika57 on Jul 3, 2020 5:39 pm

hubby has found frozen yogurt to work well for him. That was before the whipple but after starting the enzymes. Should be interesting to see if he can still handle it. (From what the nurses say he seems "fine" with pretty much everything). The whipple group on facebook suggests sorbet. If you can handle the sugar...
Have you hugged your dog today?