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My husband recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Re: My husband recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Posted by Kuching on Sep 20, 2020 8:30 am

Laika57‍ , the lack of foot care is inexcusable.  As if he - and you - didn’t have enough other problems.  Is it on his chart to apply the cream twice daily?  If so, a nurse should be signing off each time it’s done.  Not that signing off means they actually did it.  I once arrived at the hospital at 8 am to find my husband’s pain meds sitting on his bedside table, when the nurse had signed off as giving them to him at 6 am.  When I complained, the day nurse said it wasn’t her fault, the night nurse should have given them to him, and that she had probably been too busy.  If a nurse is too busy to give someone their meds, what’s the point in even having a nurse?  And my husband at this stage was totally incapable of taking meds by himself, or even noticing that they were sitting there.  

I would also check him for bed sores on his back, if they haven’t checked his feet, they probably haven’t been doing that either.

When I had days like you are having, I would go home and crank up the music and sing loudly.  Good songs for this are:  Can’t get no Satisfaction , Proud Mary, and Eve of Destruction.

Re: My husband recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Posted by Laika57 on Sep 20, 2020 5:43 pm

Kuching‍ he's got a new nurse as of yesterday, and lo and behold, his feet were not stuck in days old socks, and looked like someone had actually bothered putting lotion on. Still will keep an eye.
guess that's what they say about the word assume. I had assumed they'd pay attention to stuff like that.
good point on the sores, will check next time. Though they are persistent about getting him out of bed and into a chair whether he wants to or not.
taking a day off. Slept 20h. Hubby hasn't called, so i doubt he's in any shape for a visit anyways.
as for his chart. As if they'd let me look at that... 
Have you hugged your dog today?

Re: My husband recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Posted by Laika57 on Sep 25, 2020 12:35 pm

In the continuation of this saga, i thought I'd lay off the medical personnel for a bit, which means i hadn't had an update since last saturday.
so i asked for one today. The dctor was kind enough to call me back almost immediately. Turns out they must've ran another set of blood cultures, because now (apparently as of 3 days ago) he is positive for an infection in his blood. (Told ya so).
7 more days of antibiotics, then revisit what is going on. I am honestly beginning to wonder if we shouldn't have bothered to get the surgery to begin with.
oh and now they're saying the margins werent good, and he's supposed to receive paliative radiation at yet another hospital. "When his condition stabilizes".
As if that's ever going to happen...
Have you hugged your dog today?