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radiation damage

I had 4 days of heavy radiation to my pelvic and hips. That was over a yr ago. I had a bad result in CT scans and Bone scans. Severe stomach and small intestinal infections. Resulted in a long hospital stay and a year of issues with the infections and bowel. Has anyone else had these complications? I am told its not cancer related but the gastrologist states its all stems from the radiation and what it did to my internal lower abdomen and pelvic area. CT scan is Aug had a show of a perforated bowel and air bubbles in the stomach lining and walls. I am told this could lead to emergency surgery with possible removal of any section of the bowel. For two months I have been taking along with my other meds, tablet form of antibiotics that I had while in the hospital after two bad CT scan and the findings. I have since been off the antibiotics since Christmas. Had a CT again Jan 2 and haven't heard the results. I am under the impression that with any cramping, nausea, acid reflux I could end up in the ER. I am assuming since I haven't been called to get to the ER all is better. But it plays on me as I feel like a walking time bomb on top of worrying over had advance or not advance my cancer is going. I just am wondering if any one else has had any experiences like this after radiation. Thank you for reading and listening

Sincerely jjpearl1956

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@jjpearl1956 Hello jjpearl and welcome to our caring community……I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis and health challenges as well…..let us support you!

So glad you posted…..soon members will chime in, and share greetings/their own experiences, too.

Please meet @HereAndNow (Also from ON) Thank you so much hereand now, if you could share a bit, here, about how your mom, is doing/her journey…….to connect with our new member @jjpearl1956 (Also from ON) similar path as your mom/advanced breast cancer…..I am hopefuly to connect you together. Much appreciation.

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Welcome jjpearl1956



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