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Post Cancer Retreats?
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Hello lovely ladies. I have my last chemo round next week. Then it’s onto radiation after letting my body heal for about a month. I’m a planner and am looking to my post radiation world. Being Cancer free and getting back to life. I’m wondering if a retreat would help me connect with some women who’ve walked this walk. Women who are learning how to reconnect with this new experience and life again. Has anyone gone on one or know of one? Thank you!
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@WellThen Hi…..if you hear of one; do share! I just may join ya'


@WellThen I have heard of some great retreats over the years!

I would suggest giving our Cancer Info Helpline a call at 1-888-939-3333 to see if they know of any! I hope some of our members know of some to share too!

Let us know what you find out!


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@Whitelilies Me too!

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Hi, My counsellor has referred me to an organization called Callanish Society. They organize seasonal retreats for those diagnosed with cancer. Retreats are run by a compassionate team of professionals all with extensive experience supporting people with cancer. This year it will be held at the Brew Creek Centre near Whistler, B.C. The cost is $1,150 per person which includes food and accommodation and program classes. Please feel free to check out their website: Callanish.org.

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