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Ready for chemo and radiation consult
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Left mastectomy complete I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon Tuesday and was told that 6 of the 21 lymph nodes removed were cancerous along with the 3 tumours in the left breast. Surgeon said that I will need chemo and radiation.. not sure now what comes first because I received 2 separate appointments 1 with radiation consult and another with oncologist consult.
I think I recall her saying it will take like 5 months .. too much information to retain .. I feel like I can ask the same question over and over because I can’t believe what I’m hearing …
I guess I’ll know what’s going on next week but the waiting again is eating me up !
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good morning from the other side of the country, Alberta.
still dark here, but the weather this weekend has been A++.

whewf….what a week you've had.
so much information packed into 1 short appointment…..makes the head spin, doesn't it.

once you get your timelines & schedules straight, I hope you feel less anxious about what is to come. I felt once I had a plan of action to GET RID OF THE CANCER, I felt calmer.

there are lots of folks here who have had chemo & radiation, and we are all on your team! let us know if you have specific questions, or just want to connect. we are here.

have a great Sunday, look forward to your next update.

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@Sofie I HATE the waiting! It is a lot of information and I found it really hard for me to retain anything. If you need to make a second appointment with the surgeon, call them back, ask your questions once you have them. I had both a radiation and oncologist appointment booked and was just as confused as well. The first appointment with both felt more like a meet and greet. They explained their roles but let me know we wouldn't have a plan until the pathology report came back (more waiting). I've had now two appointments with each of them and now have a plan.
It does take time to wrap your head around everything and the waiting truly sucks. I tried to keep busy which is also hard post-surgery. I guess I just wanted to let you know that your experience resonated with me and wanted to send you luck and light.

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@Sofie definitely too much information to retain, and the anxiety we are holding doesn’t leave much space for us to retain it…

The medical oncologist will go through all the chemo options with you - they use computer programs now to decide the best options. They plug in information about the tumour into the programs and it gives the options and the benefits of them ie how much treatment will reduce the chance of a recurrence of cancer in the breast.

I had dose dense chemotherapy - 8 doses every 2 weeks, so it was all done in 14 weeks (well 15 because I had a delay one cycle). ACT (adriamycin, cyclophosphamide, pacliTaxol). It wasn’t as bad as I expected as I was not really sick and I was able to keep active through treatment.

For the radiation they will plan on the basis of your pathology. Did they get clean margins or do you need extra boosts to the tumour bed to ensure all the cells are gone, where were the positive nodes etc. We get hypofractionated doses here in Canada which means we have fewer treatments than our breast cancer sisters in the USA - more Grays each session but the same exposure overall. Radiation was comparatively easy after chemo…

Good luck with your appointments - let us know how you get on. Essjay

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