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Neuropathy in fingertips
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Hi I'm Laurie. I went through a full treatment for left breast cancer diagnosed as HER2 positive from last September to this April 2022. I receive Herceptin every 3 weeks. The pain and tingling in my fingertips and toes continues. Has anyone had a similar experience of 10 months of neuropathy?
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Hi Laurie. I’m six months post chemo and still receiving Herceptin till January. I’m also on letrozole. I also have neuropathy but mostly in my hands. I’ve found that compression gloves(bought on Amazon for about $11) have helped a bit. I wear them at night. My fingers always feel slightly swollen and sore. It’s worse on hot days. Today it’s cooler out, and they aren’t as sore and numb. I was just in clinic and my oncologist said I may be stuck with this or it may improve. Clear as mud😂

I really wish there was a definite fix for this because it is annoying.

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It will take time to heal, if you cant adjust to the pain better to consult your doctor.

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@Lib I have neuropathy from chemo…

It did decline over a few months but my finger tips are numb and I feel like I’m walking on pebbles all the time. The cramps in my feet and calves are terrible especially at night.

I’m not on medication as I don’t feel it’s bad enough.

3.5 years since I finished my chemo…

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