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Biopsied the wrong spot
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I had a screening mammogram 4 weeks ago (turned 50) that showed an area of concern. I had a core needle biopsy a week after that! My results were almost 2 weeks but came back as benign!! Yay!! A few minutes after I got the good news, Breast Health called to book a second mammogram. I had it yesterday and it turns out they biopsied the wrong spot. So I’m scheduled for a second biopsy this Monday. Worry and wait on repeat. 😢
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@Lisag Hello Lisa and welcome from MB! So glad you. connected here with us. I am sorry to hear of this need for a second biopsy. (wrong spot?)

We are here, to offer support and share and more…….I hope Monday goes smoothly /correct area will be biopsied, and that you get results quickly……yes we all know, that waiting, is challenging…..

So; you have NO diagnosis……hold all thoughts…..and stay positive…..and keep busy…..and when you get the results and are comfortable to share, here….please do….

Welcome Lisa G


#Newmember #waitingforresults

Sorry to hear this. Must be frustrating. Hang in there.

Sorry to hear this. I wish I could say it is the first time hearing it but sadly it is not.

WIshing you well for Monday. Keep us posted as you are comfortable.


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