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Hi again. Saw my Oncologist yesterday. Got okay news and garbage news. Was also told my chemo start would be…(drum roll)…5 weeks away. 😐 I’m now 6 weeks out of surgery. That puts me at an 11 week wait to start my adjuvant therapy. I called the office today to see if I can get an earlier followup appointment with the Oncologist so that I can start chemo even a week earlier, was told there are no earlier appointments that week. I’m considering calling back and asking for the her to look the week prior. She went over pathology with me and I have a positive margin…it was grade 3…does this not mean the sooner we can start this thd better? When I Foote with her she said she’d like to start in 3-4 weeks…then the nurse came back with my appointment for 5 weeks. I’m frustrated, scared, feeling as though it’s not a priority to anyone but me. 🙁
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I don’t know if this helps but I was also roughly 11 weeks post surgery before I started chemo. When I asked about an earlier start date, the answer was no. The reason was that the surgeon and oncologist wanted the incision and drain site 100% healed. Because the neutrophils drop during chemo, I would be more prone to any infections. I was checked out 3 times to make sure everything was healing as it should.

I absolutely hated the wait. I just wanted all the cancer out of my body.

I understand your frustration.

@WellThen I had my mastectomy/expander surgery Mar 12, 2019 and started my chemo May 14,2019.

I totally can relate though, the waiting is agonizing.

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@WellThen sorry for the wait you are experiencing. I know you are scared and want to start so you don't experience spread and can get this all over with.

Unfortunately in BC there are waits for treatment due to the availability of space in the chemo rooms. Not sure where in BC you are but I know in Surrey they are running 830-6 5 days a week including stat holidays. Vancouver runs clinics on Saturdays as well. They are building a new cancer centre in Cloverdale and Burnaby along with mobile radiation centres in Kamloops and Nanaimo. Cancer occurrences are increasing as the population ages.

Hang in there. A few weeks is not going to make any difference in the spread at your stage. Enjoy this recovery time. Stock the freezer with meals. Go outside before the rain/snow starts.

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I started chemo 10 weeks after surgery on my aggressive triple negative tumour…

it’s really important that you are completely healed from the surgery and then there are all kinds of tests they need to do for you to start - a MUGA test on your heart, chest X-ray, CT scan, port or PICC line placement. It all takes time. And then there is the wait for space. I was lucky to be able to use our local rural cancer centre where the wait was low.

Please take some reassurance form the fact that the tumour has been removed. When they talk about positive margins, that doesn’t mean there was cancer left, it means that they didn’t get the thickness of healthy cells around your tumour that they wanted.

Now is a good time to be working on your mobility if you are to have radiation - all those exercises you were given, and to get any cording or lymphedema in hand.

It’s also a good time to deep clean the house, fill the freezer with easy meals, and stock the cupboards. It’s also a time to line up any rides to and from chemo, sort out online grocery shopping, dog walking options etc - you will have days when you need to stay home and rest, and you may not feel up to all your usual activities. It helps to plan what you will do. I lined up support for my husband too - he went winter camping a few times with a good mate. His mate had seen his sister go through breast cancer so he was a good sounding board. The time away doing things he enjoyed was important for him - and for me as I have massive burden guilt!

It is hard waiting, we all get it xx

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@Essjay I‘ve started filling the freezers. Breakfast burritos got the boys and cookies so far. I also got an earlier follow up with the Oncologist for Oct.4th so will probably be starting chemo directly after Thanksgiving. The necrotic patch of skin is small and healing (Well underneath it us anyway). The Oncologist said she wouldn’t put if treatment for it. She just said if there was dang issue I’d go on antibiotics for it. All in all I’m happy with that. I’m getting out walking and enjoying the last of the warm weather. Working on my range of motion again as I had to stay still got so long on my left side. Thank you all so much for your help and suggestions. ♥️

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