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hi everyone,

I finished my chemo today, 16 in total. I am grateful that I got thru it. I have to get my port either replaced or repositioned next week, wasn't planning on removing it anytime soon. After that I wait for surgery consult on Oct 12th. in meantime, I am thinking about taking a mini vacation to Toronto for 5 days as we haven't been on a vacation together and taking little miss to all the sites however the Waterpark is closed in Canada's Wonderland, bummer but she will have fun. the oncologist wasn't opposed to the idea as long as I take precautions and that time we didn't have a date for surgery consult or anything it should be fine. Between treatments and renos at cabin we need a break and we got to live right!

Keep Going, we are all warriors!
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congratulations! what a milestone. don't forget to ring the virtual bell on the site here:

a trip to TO sounds like the perf treat - enjoy yourselves.


#lastchemoisdone #RINGthevirtualbell

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Congrats! Ring that bell!

Canada's Wonderland has closed the water facilities….BUT The Haunted House/Pre Hallowe'en Area is Open to say BOOOOOO to all who dare go.

Enjoy a well deserved mini vaycay!


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Congratulations on completing chemo! I am excited for you! 🎉🎊🔔🤸🏿‍♀️

Enjoy your visit to Toronto, and wishing you a good outcome with your surgery in October.

@sun46 Congratulations on this milestone! Enjoy your time away.

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