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Pain in Breast after lumpectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy
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I was diagnosed with Stage One HER2 positive breast cancer in October, 2020. I had surgery at the end of October and treatments during all of 2021. All seemed fine until now. I have pain in that breast and under my arm. The cancer had not spread into my lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis and treatment. Is the pain possiblly due to reoccurance of cancer in that breast of is it the after effects of treatment?

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I’m sorry that you have to grapple with this pain and the fear that comes with it. I went through a period of time when I was having shooting pain in my chest and under arm and was told it was likely the nerve endings reconnecting. It was short lived and I took it as a sign of healing.
At other times during treatment my cancer returned and I had no pain associated with that. We have no way of knowing until scans are done. In some weird twisted world of cancer no pain was a problem for me whereas pain was a celebratory event. Please check this out with your medical team. I hope their results put your mind at ease.

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@Stress2020 I also have had periods of pain in and around my breast after treatment 3 years ago. I did discuss this with my oncologist and she told me that it is very common to experience this, sometimes for years after treatment ends. However, it would be a very good idea to discuss and describe your pain with your oncologist. If nothing else but to put your mind at ease. Anxiety after treatment and all the medical attention is also very common, so anything that helps to relieve that is a good thing. Congrats on finishing your treatments!

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@Stress2020 I too have breast pain at times 3 years after completing treatment. I get these sharp pains like cramps, and I have a lot of tenderness along the scar line and under my arm. There’s a lot of scar tissue…

Seems its something I just have to live with…

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