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Sweating on scalp
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Hi there, i am 50 year old. Had lumpectomy in feb2022, 4 months of chemo which wrapped up june 28. Now waiting for Mastectomy in mid August
Obviously lost all my hair due to Chemo. I am facing lot of sweating on my scalp. Usually i cover my head with a light cotton scarf. If i go for walk or do something in kitchen for a while, I start feeling hot on my scalp and sweat; more on scalp than other parts of body. Is this a hot flush or something else? Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything i can do about it? Also i wonder if this will slow down hair growth. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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@Sumi Welcome to the site. Thank you for taking the time to share a bit about yourself.

I'm sorry to hear that you are sweating so much. Were you in menopause before chemo? The change can be pretty sudden, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was tied to the change in hormone levels.

Having said that, moving of any kind will raise your body temperature, I find that the kitchen is the worst place from a temperature perspective.

The majority of you body temperature leaves through your head, which is why wearing some kind of hat in the winter is so important.

For all these reasons, I don't think anything you are experiencing is abnormal and I don't believe it will l affect your hair regrowth.

As for helping to cool yourself, you could make your scarf damp before you put it on your head. Sometimes just cooling the rest of your body will help to cool your head. Cool showers might be good. Basically, do whatever ever you would normally do in the summer to keep cool. It might even be good to wear a hat instead of a scarf because it could give you some shade. Depending the hat (I had a bucket cap I wore sometimes), you could also get the top of the hat wet too.

Just my two cents.


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@Sumi I also find my scalp gets sweaty. I think it is generally when I have a hot flash. My head gets so hot and sweaty, so intense. I used to find prior to all of this, that I used to get a sweaty face in humid and/or hot weather. Sometimes when I am having a hot flash now, my face gets sweaty so I think it's just me. My hair is just barely starting to sprout and I hope for the best with its growth.

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@cancertakesflight Thanks for replying. I was forced into menopause by Chemo. Prior to Chemo, I had regular period. i have never had this type of sweating. I think this is hot flush. I wake up in night at least couple of times. Are there any natural treatments that can help with hot flushes?

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Hi. Instant menopause must be very difficult. In my 50s I was in paramenopause for about 5 years. I experienced the ‘tropical moments’ off and on. This was not chemo induced. I looked at natural remedies but most had soy or an estrogen replacement. I declined all of them because of concerns about breast cancer. Fast forward 10 years and I have breast cancer. We plan and the Gods laugh.
I would not consider anything without consultation with your team. I was taken off vitamin B while in chemo. Your medical team should be able to guide you.

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