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almost done first cycle of treatment
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hi everyone,

As of right now, today is my last infusion with the red devil and then moving on to taxdol. I finally had my port in yesterday and I am a little sore but game on today let's get it done. is it wrong of me to be looking forward to this last one? Hope everyone is doing well and getting thru the treatments. We are all warriors!
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Runner Girl
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Congratulations on reaching the end of the “red devil” treatment. I hope today goes well for you. This is a milestone in your treatment and one to be very excited about.

Also congratulations on having the port insertion. I understand this will make your treatment much easier. I had all my chemo/herceptin in my left hand, fortunately I had one vein that became old faithful and held up thru all of it.

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Great! Are you doing the 12 weekly doses? That's what I'm on now, 4 more to go! Some people get dense dosing of this one too but with the weekly doses it seems like there is less side effects! It goes by quickly! I didn't get a port but veins in my hand seem to be doing okay!

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@Cyf As of now on 8 weeks of chemo, just finished the red devil + 2 , moving on taxol for 4, mri at the end of the month to see the progress i guess. Hope you are managing the treatments and side effects.

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@sun46 congratulations on finishing the first part of your chemo treatment! I hope all went well yesterday. Rest well.

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thank you for your update.
glad to hear you have completed the ‘red devil’ treatments. no medication with a name like that can be pleasant.

posting your cancer story is helping all those warriors behind you. your determination is coming through loud and clear!!

stand strong, power thru the rest of it, and let us know how you move along!


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Congratulations! This is a major milestone! I just finished my 2nd treatment with taxdol and have experienced different side effects, aches and pains all over the body. I find short walks and some stretching helps when at its most painful. By about day 7 or 8, I start to feel like myself again! Crazy Journey we are all going through!

I have one more chemo treatment on July 2, then I get to ring the bell!! Unfortunately on to surgery and radiation but at least I feel this will end eventually and I can move on!!

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@sun46 so glad you will have the ‘red devil’ behind you! That was not an easy treatment! The port is great! I still have mine as I also had to have Herceptin for a year. It has made for easy bloodwork and treatment!
Keep it up! You’ve got this!

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@sun46 Awesome news. Keep looking ahead and soon all of this will be behind you :). Wishing you nothing but the best.

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Congratulations to be finishing the red devil. I had terrible nausea with it. Taxol made me walk like I was 100. Body aches. Take the pain meds and ask if not offered. I used gapapenton and cbd.

Just keep crossing those cycle off.

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