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I had a left breast mastectomy in May 2021.I wanted to have reconstruction but had to get my BMI below 30.
I have done this and have an appointment with the plastic surgeon next week. I am looking for suggestions of questions to ask, so I don’t forget anything. I know there is a wonderful list for the oncologist out there, need one for the plastic surgeon.
can anyone help?
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@Pjumper Hello…….I will ask @Runner Girl …would you have a list of questions, for a Plastic Surgeon? (Reconstruction of breast)

If you do…..kindly post for @Pjumper

Thank you,


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@Pjumper I’m sure you are getting excited/anxious to have the discussion about reconstruction. I did have a consult with a plastic surgeon and thought I would have had a list of questions on my computer but I did not. I just had my bilateral mastectomy in March and opted to go flat but did meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss my options. Here are some questions that I would think about asking:

What are my reconstruction options?

What do you feel is the best option for me and why?

Will there be nipple reconstruction as well?

How long does the procedure take to perform?

Will the recommended option require more than one surgery?

What are the risks?

How long is the hospital stay?

What restrictions will I have and for how long?

Will I need help when I get home?

How long before I can go back to work?

How often are there complications from this type of surgery? What is the process for handling them?

Will there be any complication that would necessitate my reconstruction being reversed (removed)

If I’m not happy with the results can they be modified? What is the process to make that happen?

There may be other questions that some other folks may chime in with.

If you’re comfortable, please let us know how your appointment goes.

Runner Girl
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Hello @Pjumper Thank you for the tag @Whitelilies

I took a look and found a list of questions regarding reconstruction. Feel free to use whichever apply to your situation.

Questions for Plastic Surgeon Regarding Breast Reconstruction
• Can I have breast reconstruction?
• When can the reconstruction be done?
• What are the reasons for and against doing it at the same time as my cancer surgery (immediate reconstruction) versus waiting (delayed reconstruction)?
• Will reconstruction interfere with chemotherapy?
• Will reconstruction interfere with radiation therapy?
• What types of reconstruction could I have?
• What are the risks and benefits of each option?
• What type of reconstruction do you think would be best for me? Why?
• What’s the average cost of each type? Will my insurance cover them?
• How long would it take me to recover from each type?
• How many of these procedures have you (plastic surgeon) done each year?
• What results can I expect?
• Will the reconstructed breast look like my other breast?
• Should I consider surgery on the other breast also to help them look alike?
• Could I have the nipple reconstructed if I choose to? How would this be done?
• How will my reconstructed breast(s) feel to the touch? Will I have any feeling in my reconstructed breast(s)?
• What possible problems should I know about?
• If using a tissue flap, will there be pain, scars, or other changes in the parts of my body where the tissue is taken from?
• If using a tissue flap, will you also need to place an implant to give the reconstructed breast a better shape?
• If I get a breast implant, how long will it last?
• What type of implant will you use for my reconstructed breast---smooth or textured? Saline or silicone?
• Will I need to get extra imaging tests depending on the type of implant I get? Will my insurance cover those extra tests?
• What kinds of changes to the breast can I expect over time?
• Will I need more surgery in a few years because of possible complications?
• How will aging affect the reconstructed breast?
• How will I know if the implant is ruptured?
• Are there any new reconstruction options that I should know about, including clinical trials?
• Can you show me pictures of typical results?
• Can I talk with other women who have had the same surgery?

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JustJan‍ and Runner Girl
Thank you for your lists. I’m told that a referral has been put in for me but unlikely to have any reconstruction until next year.
Thank you for posting these questions. It is early for me but still really helpful. The magic of this site is the ability to get support while giving support that you didn’t know you were giving. ❤️
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@Pjumper I had my consultation with a plastic surgeon about a year before my mastectomy was planned for. This gave me a lot of time to research and think about what would be best for me. I hope you at least get the consultation soon even if your surgery may be a ways out so that you have time to review and research your options.

I used this personal decision guide to help me make the decision once I knew what my options were. It really helped me clarify what would be best for me.

I’m glad you’re starting to think about things and getting prepared for your appointment.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support, I am excited, I have been waiting over a year for this, still not sure which way to go, have to see what options I have. Thx again, I will let you know what I decide ❤️

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