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breast cancer
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New perspective, coles note version, surgery Nov. 25, 21 removed tumor, stage 1 phase 3, second tumor found on surgery day biopsy done and it was the same as the other tumor, all margins were clear and not in lymph nodes, the tumor went for genetic testing and chemo was not needed. All sounds great, I have however been pressured to have a second surgery to remove the second tumor, I insisted on an MRI, results no tumor showed, something showed in the right breast, had an ultra sound done, not cancer it is a lymph node which grew inside the breast, anyway question, is there any reason why I should do radiation if there is no cancer detected, I know it is the lessor of 2 evils but do not want to do anything I don't have to as it is still invasive

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good morning friend.
you NEVER have to ‘do’ anything you are not comfortable with. your body, your choice.

my understanding about cancer is that it starts and performs at a cellular level. even one rogue cell, that may not be contained in a tumour, (therefore not visible on diagnostic imaging), can multiply and proliferate….cancer is a greedy beast. it doesn't stop till it's gobbled up all the healthy tissue around…….unless it is removed or killed.

that is where radiation therapy comes in. it takes care of all the little bits and bobs that may be left behind after surgical removal of palpable masses.

I had 16 X radiation to my L breast. it was a very clean, efficient and dare I say, pleasant process. no invasive parts to this procedure. I did have some burning and open sores about 2 weeks after I was done, but I totally anticipated that sort of issue due to my fair skin. I handled it.

if there is ANYTHING else I can share please let me know. I am an open book.
I was not offered chemotherapy so I was tickled pink, (ha ha - you'll get that joke if you have radiation), to start and complete the radiation therapy. it gave me tremendous peace of mind knowing that my rogue cells were zapped.

whatever you decide for you is right for you.


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@t3t the protocol for treatment by lumpectomy is to follow up with radiation - gives the same outcomes regarding recurrence as a mastectomy. If you do the radiation they’ll do the whole breast so it should be zapping the suspect area as well as the tumour bed. It‘s not so bad, and should give you some peace of mind.

However, you don’t have to have any treatment you don’t want to have…

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