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what xan I take for a sore throat?
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just wondering, gotta a touch of a headcold, what can I take for a sore throat?
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@sun46 hot peppermint tea is my go to for a sore throat. Sometimes I add a bit of honey as its soothing. And gargle every so often with hot salt water. You could also try throat lozenges. But.. The tea is what makes me feel better! I had a touch of the cold last week but for me it was just a little cough

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@sun46 sorry to hear you feel rough. You should let your cancer team know - they can advise on the Tylenol front…hopefully it will pass quickly and not be COVID!

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If you're wanting something medical like cough syrup etc I would check with your doctor first

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Hi @sun46 I gargle with a teaspoon of salt disolved in 8 ozs of warm water. I do this every few hours.Do not swallow. I‘ve used this RX for years. Hope you feel better soon

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Solucor / Bena / Nystat susp / I think called magic mouthwash solution compound

ordered by my GPO

Little Flower Investments LTD .Shoppers Drg Mart

If stuck : that Salted Italian Drink green glass bottle .

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