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Lung cancer nudle removal
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I would like to see how many people on here has had it done and success rate I got myself stressed I don’t wanna be alone so afraid to live
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I tried to register to be your friend but it didn’t work ? Anyway we can talk here if that works for you. Good for me ! I will spend any amount of time talking with you that you need. Remember, IT ISN’T A DEATH SENTENCE !

The US site I mentioned is lung cancer.net. Get on there asap. You need to read as much as you can about this terrible disease as soon as you can so you can make the best choices for yourself. Push the medical people because the system isn’t the greatest in Canada right now.PUSH and don’t back down.

The mental side of this disease is probably the hardest. My first thoughts were that I am going to die ! I am a big man physically and not much has scared me in my life but this terrified me ! That is absolutely normal and ok ! So you will be scared and we all were and are still sometimes. If you need to talk when that happens text me or the other names you got anytime. We are here ! Been there done that.

Being Stage 1 is great news. You have time to consider all the options. Look at Progressive Biomarker Testing. Is surgery your best option ? Do research now and PUSH the Oncologist for answers.

So it is going to be information overload at first so use me or the others here to help working through that. You are not going to die right now and have time to do a lot to help yourself. You just don’t know what yet !

Did you have a PET or CAT SCAN yet ? Get a detailed diagnosis so you know exactly what it is. I had a tumour so they did a biopsy under sedation after an x-ray, CT Scan and PET Scan. One step at a time, YOU HAVE TIME !


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