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Just a short funny story to share
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Since about late December of last year I've dealt with a lot of uncertainty and hard times in having my medical condition accurately diagnosed. I was working from home and had my cell phone constantly set to "ringer on" all of the sudden due to waiting for appointment details and messages from my doctor. It was not a good feeling, to be constantly waiting on potentially worrisome news.

The phone calls started increasing. It was usually my doctor. I remember vividly those first phone calls relaying some sad news and lots of crying.

A couple of months went by, with my cell ringer turned on, and this mellow tune on my ringer that I had chosen to be set as my ringtone was now making me feel sad, when I heard it. It invoked an almost traumatic response in my body, even if it was a loved one who was calling.

One day, I had enough and I decided to download an Android ringtone app on my phone and pick out a new, funner ringtone.

This may sound silly but changed it to Tiestos "Lets get down to Business". Lol. A silly but upbeat song. This is kind of unlike me. But, surprisingly, it worked and I feel better when the phone rings now.

Now I just focus on my chemo treatments and try to dwell on it less. It's a huge part of my life, no doubt, but it can't consume me.

Now when my phone rings, I silently laugh sometimes. It makes me happier. I'll take any happiness anywhere I can find it these days. My daughter heard it go off for the first time with the new ringtone and she laughed too.🤣

​​Funny that something as simple as changing my ringtone has made me feel happier 😊❤️
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@Climbing that‘s awesome! What a great way to change the story/feeling. 😁

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@Climbing i think I will change my ring tone, it's a great idea! Lately, I sigh when I see the hospital numbers come up as it has been 5 months since this journey began. it is the little things and one day at a time.

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Yeah I agree. It was like the one ringtone reminded me of a certain call I received each time that my phone rang with that tune. So it makes me feel better. Kind of silly, but it worked and made me feel happier so I thought it was nice to share :)

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@Climbing what a great idea! I found driving alone in the car caused me to have too much time to think and increase my anxiety. I created a motivational playlist to listen to while I was driving. It contains all different types of music but found it to be extremely helpful. It’s amazing what we can do to help change our mindset.

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