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Radiation+ new chemo treatments+life
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Reposting from my wall as i dont think anyone saw, thanks!

Hey warriors! Today I completed RAD treatment #14 (5 more to go!) Tomorrow is round #2 of my new chemo drug. I did well since the first infusion, im hoping going forward this continues.

Just a couple things I wanted to ask, if anyone else experienced anything similar 1- my onco wont say how many treatments i will do on this new chemo, does this sound normal? 2-I wont be going to my RAD treatment tomorrow. Im exhausted & ive been driving myself everyday so im certainly not going to drive to radiation, go home & drive back for my infusion. I feel like the lack of sympathy for our emotional well being is ignored. Just gotta do what I feel is right for me. 3-the lack of communication btw my doctors is disappointing, I had to inquire about my treatments overlapping

Do i sound like a whiner? If I do, then so be it. We arent robots… I am so tired.

Im hoping tomorrow goes well. I cant wait for radiation to be over. Can someone describe how you did after the treatments were done? Ive had 2 ppl tell me after its over that its worse? How so?

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Runner Girl
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Hi @ABBYB you certainly are a warrior! Tired - I bet you are, all the treatment really saps your energy.

As for your questions: I guess the oncologist wants to see how you do with this new treatment, not sure, perhaps ask for clarification at your next appointment, or ask the chemo nurse, they are a wealth of info. Overlapping appointments, yep, had those. I'd have my radiation doctor appointment, radiation treatment and herceptin infusion all on the same day - I'd spend most of the day at the cancer clinic, brought a book. After radiation ends you keep “cooking” for several more days. My skin was redder than the sun when I finished my 21 treatments, I used cloths soaked with cold aloe gel to help cool my skin. On day 11 after treatment ended I turned the corner and my skin started to itch, the healing had begun.

Take the rest that you need, this is hard, but you're almost to the finish line with radiation.

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@ABBYB i really feel for you - I remember the fatigue and how exhausting it was going to radiation. I found them very anti days off - I was expected to keep on schedule…

I think @Runner Girl suggestion of staying at the hospital all day makes the most sense - tedious, but maybe you can snooze in a waiting room chair. I too found that they just couldn’t manage to make the appointments line up sensibly. One day I was involved in staff interviews for a non-profit I sit on the board for. The interviews were 11am to 3pm with and hour off for lunch 1-2. I had To see my radiation oncologist and have rads. I asked if they could fit them in at 1pm or if I could have appointments at 9/10am. Nope - they gave me an appointment with my oncologist at 7am and rads were 7pm. Worst case scenario - really long stressful day and I was in tears by the time I made it home, especially knowing I had more rads the following day.

Glad to hear the chemo isn’t affecting you too badly - a small positive.

I learned through treatment that we can do hard things enduring exhaustion and painful treatments, and the bad days do pass ❤️❤️

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thanks for the post. whiner?????….I don't think so--and I doubt anyone else here thinks that either.
this is a safe space for the #realtalk of cancer and the treatment. that is the beauty of this community.

wonderful news that radiation therapy is almost done for you.
I had some burning etc that really peaked in intensity within the 2 weeks following….just make sure you are keeping an eye on things….
I kept my homemade saline solution in a jar in the fridge…so soothing when it was chilled like that---I can still remember that delicious relief feeling - ha ha ha.
protip: if you do have any blisters make sure the techs see them. my team gave me a wonderful paste to apply that I really think lessened the impact of those wounds.

please let us know how you are making out as things move along.
we are here for you……always


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My goodness this is HARD and you are not whining. I only had herceptin while doing radiation and it was well tolerated.

I found that I had even more fatigue a few weeks after my 20 radiation sessions so not to scare you but… wait for it and adjust as needed.

Is there no one who can drive you? It is a danger for you to drive yourself when so fatigued.

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I agree with you that our mental health and well being is not often top of mind for those treating us so we have to mindful of it and do what we need to do to take care of ourselves. Kudos to you for recognizing this!

I too found the effects of radiation peaked two weeks after treatment ended and then improved from there. I was definitely tired throughout and afterward for at least a month or so - though I thought I seemed and looked fine - when I look back at pictures from that time I can see it. I also drove myself bc it was during COVID so no one could come in with me anyway - and it created less stress in our household - but in retrospect it would have been nice to have a ride sometimes.

Get as much help and rest as you can!

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