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Thank you everyone for your warm welcome. Guess I'm a veteran - my breast cancer was 22 years ago and I'm well and going strong. Small setback five years ago when I had problems with the heart function which turned out to be delayed reaction to toxicity from chemo treatments all those years ago. My heart was functioning at 18%!! But, with treatment and medication, it is now up to 48% and I am thankful that I can live normally again and walk without getting out of breath. Note to everyone- apparently, the chemo used now is personalised and some of the cocktail which is toxic in some cases, is not given to people who might be vulnerable to it.

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oh my goodness, you really are an OG, gran!!! 🏆
welcome here.

just like every other medication, chemotherapy drugs do have the potential to have side effects or affect other organs, sometime negatively, in the body.
I cannot imagine how dragged out you must have been with that very low ejection fraction.

wonderful news that you were able to regain enough function to live your best life. thank you so much for posting….it is always so helpful to hear of the successes other folks have had.

again, welcome here.
it is great to have your experience here in this community. thank you for sharing.


#welcomenewmembers #chemosideeffects #survivor #granisanOG

Hello and welcome @gran4 .

Thank you for sharing your 22 year success story. We all like to hear that from those who walked before us. Happy to hear your heart issues have settled down.


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