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Medical coverage for Ibrance
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I was so concerned and very overwrought all these many months with càncer my anxiety went through the roof . I worked 3 schools as an EA . But did not get into the group plan though I paid dues and part of the federa tion in Education .

And now in a different prov. bc we do not have Provincial Universal Health Care coverage nor do I have Private health insurance from that employment . All comes out of my pocket .
No one said that looking to the manufacturer that makes the drug like Pfzer is a possibility . Ususally iit’s a 3 way split for Special medication .
Check it out provision is given here on their web in tiny insert to use the # and qualify . https://www.ibrance.com/financial-support-resources

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good detective work, Elle!

wouldn't it be great if there was a Canadian arm of this sponsored benefit??

it seems as tho this is a full time job to navigate the various systems….keep up the good work.

thanks for sharing your information with us all. you'll probably never know how many folks you've helped….but surely there is someone else in the same benefits boat as you are.

happy sunny sunday

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I agree that it's good to share information about programs that cover these type of costly drugs, as there are many programs and plans available through insurance, special programs and trials etc. If it helps even one person who didn't realize there was coverage available then that is amazing. Some of these drugs may be covered through employer medical benefits however many are simply not covered or they are prior authorization and are only covered when specific medical criteria is met.

The drug I am on is not covered through my health insurance, I believe due to the “ type” of cancer. I am approved for Keytruda on compassionate access.

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