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Breast pain after treatment is over?
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Hi all
I had a lumpectomy for DCIS in August, and radiation in October, and I didn't need any further treatment. But in the last week or so, I have felt pain in that breast-just kind of achey, and not all the time. I asked my doctor and she said it wasn't anything to worry about, but I wondered if anyone else had encountered this?
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good morning…

my experience:
I had 2X lumpectomies and 16 radiation sessions in 2020.
over a year after treatment I started feeling pain when ever I leaned against the breast and it just felt ‘weird’---full somehow.

I asked for and got a US & mammo and actually a biopsy was indicated; I was told it was scar tissue…I have since had another mammo in Dec and it remains stable…

I guess it just takes time for tissues to ‘settle out’. I still have pain in the area and tho I am reassured by the diagnostics I remain on ‘alert’…..if things change or intensify I will be back in the docs office pronto!

I guess I would ask - what is your follow schedule like?
I had none here in Alberta, so basically take care of it myself with my family doc.
if you continue to feel ‘off’ perhaps you could request some diagnostics?
you know your body best; even if it's for reassurance your mental health will benefit from some clarity.

let us know how things move along.

cheers and all the best

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@Tan65 good to hear from you….

I had a lumpectomy and SLNB in October 2018, and I still get pains in my breast. The scar tissue makes it uncomfortable, I have tender ribs and I get cramps which take My breath away. All just a consequence of having surgery and something I have to live with..

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pain after surgery, I do experience that, dull ache and sometimes a sensation of pin pricks around where the nipple is. I find this strange because I had total mastectomy 4 years ago.

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@supersu @Essjay @TR2

Thank you for your replies and for the reassurance! It's crazy where your mind goes as soon as there is the least little twinge. I have no more follow up: just a yearly mammogram starting in June. I also requested an ultrasound since I have dense breasts. The incision site is sore plus the “weird” feeling as mentioned by @supersu. Thank you all again for helping me out as always. This site is so awesome!

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