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Treatment plan options in BC
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Hi all - would like to compare notes and treatment plans with others. I have HER neg and hormone positive BC with some bone Mets localized in the spine with 1 enlarged lymph node near the breast. My oncologist said I will go on immunotherapy pills, monthly hormone injections and monthly bone injections along with radiation to the spine and breast. No chemo and no breast surgery at this time. I am curious to hear if this is standard protocol to start or what have been other treatment plans. I am surprised to hear no chemo or breast surgery. I just want the breast removed.

Thanks for all the insights!

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good morning @Scomo

thanks for your post….I did a quick search and couldn't really come up with any folks in BC that might be in a like situation. hopefully your post will connect with someone in the same boat; perhaps in a different location may be helpful to you also???

my suggestion: call the Information Specialists at the Canadian Cancer Society

good luck with it all, do let us know how things are moving along for you.


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@scomo I found these guidelines for you from the BC cancer website

There is lots of information available on their website:

When cancer becomes metastatic, surgery to remove the original tumour becomes less helpful - the cancer has already spread, so removing it isn’t going to stop that happening. Treatments are all about giving you extended life and as good a quality life as possible.

There are a number of women living with metastatic breast cancer on here who are active respondents on the forums including @cupcakes @mammabear @beespecial @elle29 (my tagging isn’t working this morning sorry)…

Hope this information helps.

best wishes, Essjay

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Thanks @Essjay, the info is really helpful. I guess what I don’t understand is that even though the cancer has spread, why is it not treated to kill the cancer vs just extending life or giving a good quality of life. Lots of other cancers can spread and often times the main cancer tumour is removed and then chemo is given to kill any cancer that has spread. I too want a fighting chance and not just contain the cancer or live a good quality of life for as long as I can. I guess this is a question for my doctor but curious to understand from other women who have BC that has metastasized.

@Cupcakes, @Mammabear, @Beespecial, and @elle29 - would really love to hear from you and your insights.

Thanks again for all the info and perspectives. ❤️

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BC Cancer protocols are on their website.

There are always hopes of NED (no evidence of disease). My oncologist was hoping mine would just ‘burn itself out’ which apparently it does when it can't spread. So far (2 years in) it is stubborn and just sitting there - not growing - not shrinking.

Radiation is primary treatment for bone mets. The infusion helps strengthen bones I think so they don't break with bone mets.

Many of us live well with stage 4 metastatic BC. I work full time and am moderately active (daily yoga and dog walks).

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Hi @Scomo sorry for what brings you here. I have similar cancer and markers as you. I was also given a similar treatment plan. What I’ve learned is yes they lead with the less invasive treatments upfront for better quality of life. I too was surprised. I thought nail me with the chemo give me surgery get this crap out of me! Give me the best chance. But honestly if this course of action works it is a win. They generally save the harsher treatments in their arsenal. And as @Essjay mentioned once the cancer has spread surgery doesn’t become effective. I understand what you are saying though other cancers spread and they still do surgery. There is so much to wrap your head around in all this. I know it’s a lot ❤️

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@Scomo thats the thing about breasts - after a point they have little function so a lump in them isn’t affecting daily life. Compared with a tumour in the colon that is affecting an essential function 🤷‍♀️

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