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Need some insight and thoughts....
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So my Mom died from cancer 3 years (Pancreatic) but she believed it all started with a lump on her breast near her nipple that had discharge, etc. The breast clinic was doing follow up exams but nothing seem to come of it. Then she suddenly developed stage 4 pancreatic cancer and died 5 weeks later.

Now my Dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer & my very best friend in the world was just diagnosed this Monday with Stage 3 maybe stage 4 (waiting for additional test to see if spread) invasive lobular breast cancer.

But, on top of that I have a follow ultra sound of my own this afternoon for a cyst in my right breast that the Montreal Breast clinic has been tracking for almost 2 yrs. My gut is telling me to ask for an immediate mastectomy before it turns into more and I end up like my Mom, Dad and best friend.

Am I just spinning and making nothing in to something if the doctors are not suggesting anything? Do we trust doctors to always no better or make the right decision at the right time?? I do not know what to do.

Any suggestions??

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@Mtlcity1969 go with your gut. Doesnt mean it is anything but always better to check things out and be safe.

Runner Girl
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I'm sorry that you are surrounded by loved ones with cancer. Understandably that would put you on edge with your own suspicious cyst in your breast. It is good that they have been and continue to monitor it. Although the monitoring can be anxiety inducing for you each time it comes around.

When I was 40 I had a non-cancerous lump removed from my left breast. When I was 52, in 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. I had a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation, etc. My first mammogram/ultrasound after treatment resulted in 2 lesions being found in my left breast. These are being monitored and have yet to make a move but each scan is tremendously stressful.

See what the scan results are before you jump off the deep end. Could they do a lumpectomy and remove the cyst? Have you asked about having it removed? When you see the doctor it might be good to ask what your options are with this situation and explain your anxiety with loved ones having cancer. Gather all the information so you are able to make in informed decision rather than an emotional one.

We are here to support you however you need us.

Runner Girl

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@Mtlcity1969 Hi Mtlcity1969, This sounds very tough… Have you thought of getting a naturopathic doctor who specializes in breast cancer for additional support/advice? My naturopath is great at helping me understand breast cancer and has experience in conventional and alternative medicine.

You might also want to check out the Healthy Breast Program offered by a naturopath in Ontario. I emailed them a couple of months ago and they said they were hoping to offer the program online in January 2022.

In addition to what @Runner Girl was suggesting, you could ask for an ultra-sound guided biopsy of the cyst.

Good luck! We are with you!

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@Mtlcity1969 sorry to hear about your family and friend.

It is the waiting that is the hardest part of everything. I had a spot they were watching as well, and I think a biopsy is one sure thing they can do to find out.

The decision whether to go to a mastectomy is a very personal decision and I can assure you a very hard one. I had to make that one, after I had two lumpectomies that did not get clear margins. For my peace of mind I chose left mastectomy even though the surgeon was wanting to do a third lumpectomy. For me, I could not go that route again, so very personal decision.

Please be pro active and follow up on everything and sometimes being a nice pushy person gets the results. Be your own advocate!

Good luck,

hugs M…

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@Mtlcity1969 I‘m sorry you seem to be surrounded by cancer just now….

It is always possible that your mom had both breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, especially if she carried a BRCA mutation. And I’m so sorry about your dad and your friend that must be a big worry for you.

Try not to worry about the cyst - it’s been monitored and if it needs to come out they will do it. I know that’s easier to say than do though…right now distraction is your friend, keeping busy so your mind isn’t on cancer all the time.

And if it turns out to be cancer then is the time to discuss your options, and perhaps ask for some genetic testing to help inform your decision. But one step at a time - see what the ultrasound results say first.

and let us know - we will all be thinking of you xx Essjay

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