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Breast radiation
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Which cream works the best when moisturizing your skin before breast radiation.
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Runner Girl
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My radiation team advised me to get Glaxal Base Cream - not lotion as it's not heavy enough.

Runner Girl

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@S56 I was told to use an aqueous based cream - I ended up with CeraVe and it worked well for me….

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I used a no name version of Glaxal – I think I got it at Shoppers - it was absolutely fine.
pro tip: keep it in the fridge - the cool feels GREAT after/during therapy!

good luck with it all; when do you start your treatments?
let us know how things move along for you, and if you have any other questions there are lots of us in this community that can share our stories.

cheers & welcome here

#radiationtherapy #moisturizer

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My radiation oncologist said not to use anything. When he left the room, the nurse told me that some say nothing and some say, you may apply cream but not on the day of radiation. I use Bioderma a gently shower cleanser and they have a lotion that I would apply after I showered. I never applied anything the day of treatment. I only experienced mild redness after 20 treatments but it wasn't until a few weeks after treatment that the skin (areola) around the nipple became dried and sloughed off. That skin is different colour today and will probably stay like that so I have been told.

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I am using Aveeno and it is working great!

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I was recommended Lubriderm and Aveeno. I used the latter and, as a treat, sourced on Amazon.com Ultimate Vitality’s Radiation Relief Cream (hydrating, soothing, smells of lavender - heavenly!)

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My radiation tech said to use a lotion like Aveeno or Glaxal or Lubriderm twice a day as soon as treatment started and to continue as long as I wanted. I used Glaxal right away, and whether it was doing that, or I was just lucky, but I never had any skin issues. Just be warned that Glaxal has a heavy medicinal smell.

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Hi Essjay so the cream instead of the lotion?

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Hi did you use Glaxal cream or lotion?

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Glaxal cream and it felt lovely smoothing it on as my skin post radiation became quite sensitized like a burn.

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@S56 yes, cream!

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I used Aveena as well! And still do for 2.5 yrs!

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Hi @S56. I have horribly dry skin and struggle with eczema and have my whole life. Because of this I just knew I wouldn't be one of the lucky ones that didn't have skin issues with breast radiation and I was right.

My oncologist recommended Glaxal Base cream but said I could use anything that's water based. Just check the ingredients list, if the first ingredient is water you're good, if it's some kind of oil (jojoba, etc.) then it's not. I used the Glaxal Base and it worked wonders for me, though it does have a bit of an odd smell it didn't bother me, it actually reminded me of some of the prescription creams I've had over the years. If you don't like it Lubriderm was the second option they recommended.

After the third week of treatment (I had 20 total) my skin was red and irritated and started to blister, much like a bad sunburn. The radiation techs gave me instructions to do saline soaks to try and prevent the skin from opening up and getting infected. I did these 2 or 3 times a day followed by Glaxal Base for the last week of radiation and the week after and it never got any worse. I swear by the Glaxal Base and have actually continued using it since my skin has cleared up.

Good luck!


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Hi, I used Eucerin Complete repair 5% and also Nature's Aid (Aloe and other herbal ingredients). As the radiation progressed the doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone for the itch and burning. They suggested Lubriderm but I had an allergic reaction to it.

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I also used the saline treatments. The Techs at Radiation gave them to me for the rash and itchiness on my chest and it did help. This was in Regina. Also Lubriderm lotion was also recommended and I thought I could do without it, use it when they tell you and you won't be sorry. But don't put it on within an hour of radiation, I was told to use it after treatment or if its a few hours prior it's ok.

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I was told to use Lubriderm. Storing it in the fridge really made a difference after each radiation appointment.

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