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Research Opportunity!
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In the US now this would be illegal. Research studies that exclude males breast cancer patients without cause are not allowed. It would appear to me that there is no reason to exclude men from this study!


PS just your regular reminder that men can get breast cancer too! And yes I'm going to contact them directly to help them understand the discriminatory nature of their research. Ap

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I have been a regular yoga participant for many years. During treatment it was the one exercise I could maintain and the meditation portion was critical to my mental health. Yoga can help stretch scar tissue from surgery and maintain a sense of some muscle strength. It also is great for the joint stiffness that many drugs cause.

To followup, I heard back from the researcher which I found amazing. I had my grumpy hat on when I contacted her and expected nothing back.

The challenge is historical research in the area has focused on - you guessed it - women. But she is approaching her supervisors to see if a change is possible and I admire that. I wouldn't be elegible anyway as I'm not in active chemo treatment.

Further to that and knowing that there are only 230 men each year that have breast cancer, if you know one that is in active chemo (chances are slim) please reach out and let her know. I'm convinced that not enough energy in medical research is put into exercise as treatment.


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