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Painful lumps in upper arm & front elbow area ..
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I was diagnosed with IDC and Lobular Carcinoma back in 2019. I had a Mastectomy in February 2020 followed by chemotherapy (finished end of September2020) & radiotherapy (finished December 2020). I have been on Letrozole ever since. I had the cancer type with hormone receptors.
This week I had sudden pain in my arm and when I touched the pain areas I noticed two lumps win places which I believe are areas where lymph nodes are usually located.

I am scared and my first thought was that these are cancer tumors.. After my surgery in February 2020 the pathology report indicated 16 out of 24 nodes had cancer in them.

I am wondering whether any one had a similar experience and whether I should worry or not about those recent lumps in my arm.
Thank you !
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Hi @Maryana,

I hear your anxiety and it’s understandable that someone who has had cancer would be concerned about a recurrence.

There are other non-cancerous medical conditions that can cause lumps, swollen lymph nodes, swelling in areas where lymph nodes were removed, etc. A visit with a doctor or nurse practitioner is necessary to adequately assess it.

With today being a holiday, medical clinics may be closed, and I know waiting and the unknown are difficult. Until you can get an appointment, it may be helpful for you to speak with a nurse at Quebec’s non-urgent health information line:

I hope everything turns out to be ok and I hope you return to let us know how you are doing.


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good morning!
oh my goodness - what a shock to feel lumps….but just as @S2020 notes there are MANY reasons for swollen lymph nodes. try not to let your thoughts ‘go there’ just yet.

is this on the same side as your previous mastectomy?
is there any swelling involved?

if the spots are not swollen or painful to touch only I, myself, would feel OK to wait till tomorrow to contact the doctors….but if it seems suddenly worse or enlarged maybe a visit to the ER would be in order.

you know you & your body best - do what you think is appropriate.

take good care

#swollenlymphnodes #breastcancer

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I had something similar in the same area as the lymph nodes were removed last year, reported it to my oncologist who had me go in for test. Everything was ok and I was told that after such operation and treatment changes can be expected. However you should have it checked out as my doctor confirmed

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