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Need a plastic surgeon
Hi everyone,
I need help to find a plastic surgeon in Calgary. I can’t stand it anymore. I’m trying to sleep and it’s past 4:00am but the pain I’m my side keeps me awake. My surgeon who did my right mastectomy pulled the drainage tube to soon and I have pockets of blood clots underneath my armpit that hurt. The who area under my skin from my armpit down to my waist hurts and there’s a large area also that is numb on my back. I can’t keep going with it, it hurts. I need a plastic surgeon to help me. Does anyone here know a surgeon that can help me?
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Runner Girl
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@Marjorie Rose

I am sorry you are suffering. Perhaps if it is that bad a trip to Urgent Care would be in order. At the very least contact your surgeon later this morning.

Naming healthcare professionals is against our terms of use for the site, this is to allow people to have their own individual experiences. This is also so we do not become a rate your MD community.

Runner Girl

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@Marjorie Rose I am sorry you are in so much pain. Have you called your breast surgeon to have it evaluated? If you aren’t successful with that, it does sound like a trip to emerg might be your best option. Even if someone were to recommend a plastic surgeon to you, you would need to go through a referral process and that would take some time.

I do hope you can get yourself looked at and start feeling better.

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@Marjorie Rose My surgical drain didn't work and I had a fluid build-up in my left breast that was uncomfortable. I was told by a Doctor covering for my Plastic Surgeon that the drain would have to be put in again. Turns out that my Plastic Surgeon knows how to drain in with a syringe.

At one appointment with my Plastic Surgeon I asked him about a referral for when I would need my implant removed in the future. Implants have a life span of about 10 years and I know at some point my Plastic Surgeon would retire. He wouldn't give me a referral, said I had to go through my Family Doctor.

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Hello Marjorie Rose. I am suggesting that you seek out a registered massage therapist who is trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It was a life saver for me. The massage helps the body ride itself of the accumulated fluids that can build up after surgery. I also agree with Runner Girl, if it is severe, you might need to go to your physician or the ER. Hope you will be feeling better soon!

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@Marjorie Rose

Sorry that you are in so much pain and you should certainly go to emerg. if it effects your sleep.

I had a bilateral mastectomy a couple of years ago and had no problems with my drains but do remember that latterly I had to de-clog them because of blood clots. The general surgeon who operated on me both installed and removed the drains. I know that after a referral from a GP where I live there is over a year’s wait for plastic surgery.

I do have ongoing issues with lymphatic disruption and totally agree with @Ineke that consulting a RMT who specialise in lymph drainage and post breast surgery may be worth exploring. Issues with lymph and possible damage to nerves and muscles can cause pain as can the imbalance of losing one breast. A therapist may also have suggestions about sleeping positions.

Hope that your pain is less by now.

We are here for you and please keep in touch if you wish.


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