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Recovering from mastectomy, day 2.
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Hi All,
I had my mastectomy last Wednesday, left breast removed and I am on day 2 of my recovery. I was diagnosed with Paget’s with DCIS, but because I have had radiation to my chest area in the past, a lumpectomy with radiation was not a treatment option for me.
I had surgery at Peter Lougheed in Calgary and I cannot say enough about the incredible staff there! They took great care of me.
I saw my nurse navigator yesterday to make sure I had no blockages in my drain, as I seem to not have much fluid draining after the initial day and everything looks good or as too be expected.
I can bath today and remove my dressing. !!!! Cannot say I’m looking forward to that. I was so emotional leading up to the surgery, I didn’t know how I was going to keep it together in the hospital and into surgery. Now that it is done I feel less emotional, but I haven’t seen the leftovers yet. I guess I’ll get used to the new me one way or another.
I am happy to have found this group and thank everyone who was thinking of me this week.
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Runner Girl
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Hi Kit08‍ ,

Isn't the Peter Lougheed fabulous? I had my lumpectomy there in 2018. Glad to know they are still on top of things!

Seems you're well on your way to a speedy recovery. Take it easy and don't over do.

Runner Girl
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so glad that you have your surgery behind you, and are moving onto the next part of your story.

'back in the day', 20+ years ago, I trained at the PLC - and LOVED it there---sounds like some things never change - my fondest memories of that site were the super great folks for sure.

I am now a nuclear medicine technologist, and had never heard of Pagets in the breast--so thank you for sharing your experiences with this rare cancer. I am sure you are/will help others dx'd with this not very common form of breast cancer by sharing your information.

hope you can enjoy the weekend....here in Edmonton, it is going to be sunny and dry - a real treat after our dreary week.

and hey....if all goes according to plans, we could have a little Cancer Connections 'meetup' at the Calgary Stampede! ha ha ha

stay well

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Thank you for your comments Runner Girl‍ and supersu‍ !
I feel better with my dressings off, still some stickiness but less itchy and tightness. I have one strip of tape 30 cm long, plus the drain. Not as bad as what I had been preparing for.
I will try and go for a walk today to get my GI track moving and enjoy the beautiful day.
Faith, hope, love and gratitude!
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