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Radiation treatments ended early
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Hi everyone!
I had my last radiation treatment on Friday. We were going to review yesterday whether or not to complete the 28 planned treatments because I've had a severe and brisk skin reaction. I hit my tolerance limit and pulled the plug after 23 sessions. I'm so relieved to have this finally over!
I have pictures of the burns if anyone's interested in seeing them. They are pretty brutal. I'm finally on hydromorphone for pain so I'm feeling tons better.

Next is hormone blockers and bone builders for 5 years. I can finally start moving on with my life!

Good luck to everyone!

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Hi JayRay‍,

I am sorry to read about your painful skin reaction to the radiation treatments. It sounds miserable. I am glad to read the hydromorphone is relieving the pain.

Did the medical staff have helpful instructions for how to take care of the skin? I think anything I would suggest would not necessarily be recommended by a medical professional for a skin reaction that severe so I will refrain.

Wishing you the best as you heal, recover and go through the hormone therapy.
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Thanks so much! Yes I. Doing saline compresses several times a day and applying flamazine afterwards. I've had some pretty bad sunburns in my day but this is truly the worst I've ever seen. My ER nurse friend says she's never seen anything this bad and frankly is amazed that I lasted so long!

It's all over now except for the healing. Hopefully that will turn the corner soon! I'm sure I'll revert to alternative solutions when things start improving. I just have to watch for infection now.
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JayRay‍ Sounds painful! Hope you heal quickly xx

What hormone blockers are you taking?

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Sounds horrible you poor girl.
Wishing you speedy recovery!
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@Essjay. I won't know about hormone blockers until next month but I do know that I will be taking bone builders at the same time.
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JayRay‍, I’m so sorry you had such a severe reaction to the radiation but I’m glad you are getting some relief.

Hoping you feel better soon and can put this step behind you.
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