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After surgery
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Two weeks after my mastectomy I seen my doctor and everything was going good and then she pulled my drain tube out. Till that day I was still draining between 60-80ml a day. But I never questioned her on why she wanted to remove it. So here I am a week later and two more days in the hospital with bleeding coming from my incision. Of course I was worried and I went to the hospital where she kept me in but no one seemed to scared about the bleeding but me. So they sent me home with pads and penicillin. Is here I sit literally soaking large thick pads every 3 hours. Can someone please help me?
Thank you,
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@Dalene A friend of mine had something similar happen to her. She had to go back to the Dr several times to get it drained. I can’t remember whether she went to her GP or back to the surgeon.

Runner Girl
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Dalene‍ ,

It sounds like your drain was pulled far too early. Perhaps a trip to ER is in order, definitely touch base with your doctor again and let them know what is happening.

Runner Girl
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Hi @Dalene

I can understand why you are worried. Being diagnosed and having surgery is pretty traumatic without the added stress of bleeding so badly. I cannot remember at what level I had my post surgery drains removed but it was way after 60 - 80ml. On your recent hospital stay did they say if the bleeding was drainage or because the incision has opened up? Did the surgeon who operated see you while you were in hospital? I would certainly visit emergency if you are still bleeding badly and, if they have not been informed, would also contact your surgeon to set your mind at rest.

Do you have someone close to you who you can share your concerns with and who will support you during your recovery?

There are many members here who unfortunately have first hand experience with breast cancer and who are happy to share and support each other and I would like to welcome you to our community.

Take care and know that we are here for you.



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Dalene‍, sounds like you did the right thing by going to the hospital. Since you are still draining so much fluid, you may want to call the surgeon’s office and checkin and explain what is happening and see if there is anything else you should be doing or to tell you at what point do you need to go back to the hospital to have it checked out.

I hope you can get some relief soon.
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