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Has anyone been on nerlynx. Any symptoms. We’re you able to complete treatment.
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triplepos‍ im in the same “boat” as you and am wondering the same. Doc didn’t give me much info and the company is suppose to call with more info. So confusing...
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I just started my treatment of Nerlynx yesterday. I am fortunate to have received the treatment as compassion from the Pharma company because I am HER2 positive but ER negative. I am starting with a smaller dose of 4 Nerlynx pills a day and working up in 2 week increments to the recommended dose of 6 pills a day. My pharmacist has also prescribed me loperamide (imodium) to help prevent some of the diarrhea, which is the most common of the side effects.

I was so happy to have seen your posts because I am hoping that others can share their experience with this new drug.
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