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I have completed two cycles of dose dense AC chemo. I have two cycles left. My oncologist has recommended Taxol weekly for twelve weeks after I complete my last two cycles of AC.I have neuropathy from chemo that I did 12 years ago. ( folfox for colon cancer)
I spoke with a different med oncologist last week. He does not think I should do the taxol as my cancer is er/pr positive, her2 negative. My cancer is a recurrence with one lymph node positive no cancer in breast. Apparently, taxol provides little if any benefit for hormone receptor positive cancer. My radiation oncologist agrees with this assessment.
Just wondering what others have heard from their oncologists? I would appreciate any opinions/advice.

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Hi Ozzie123

I finished 4 cycles of AC (1 treatment every 2 weeks) and 4 cycles of Taxol (1 treatment every 2 weeks). Finished on March 25, 2021.
I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Just waiting to start radiation treatments.

Nothing wrong for you to ask questions and get a second opinion.

I wish you well and hope you get the answers to your questions.

Take care,
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I am er pr + her2 neg, and have the chek2 mutation, did ACT and have never heard of this, so now I gotta google and research, craps its a lot to go through if there is no benefit, uuugh. If I find anything interesting I will post it here.

I did find this:
"most women with stage III breast cancers will warrant adjuvant chemotherapy, if they have not received neoadjuvant therapy, because of their risk of recurrence and the likely benefits of chemotherapy treatment."
Deciding when to use adjuvant chemotherapy for hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer - UpToDate

So, i think the benefit is def related to the stage, I was stage 3B so I bet thats why they advised an aggressive treatment strategy.
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