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Starting Chemo
Finally got my chemo date today! It will be tomorrow!!! (scared shitless) I wasn't expecting that but lets go!

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You got this!! Start destroying those cancer cells.

Let us know how it goes. Go gentle with yourself.

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Emotionalpond‍ Perhaps it is better it was kind of sprung on you as you have less time to worry about it. As Lacey_Moderator‍ said: You’ve got this! You will be in good hands.
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Just get it over with. Count down the sessions. The side effects will come and they will GO. Hair will grow back and it will be beautiful virgin baby soft. And a shower feels amazing on a bald head.
Check back with us if you are having side effects that you need help managing. The chemo nurses are worth their weight in gold for strategies so hit them up as well.
Don't suffer if you don't have to... if you are offered anti-nausea drugs - take them all.
And give yourself a frickin break - you don't have to do it all AND chemo. Have friends bring meals. Rest.
But also try to go for a daily walk for as long as you can manage - even if only half a block and back.
The side effects pass quickly once the treatments are over but it will take a full year before your body is fully recovered so be patient.
The Living Kitchen is a great cookbook that has recipes to target specific side effects.
Good luck... You can do it! And we are here.
I'm ok today. Tomorrow will be my first day of no steroids so we will see what happens... Glad I got the first one done!
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One important piece of advice that I was given at the start of my chemo 3 cycles ago:
Eat 6 small meals instead of your usual 3 and drink lots of water and take a stool softener. The digestive issues is no joke.
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