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Bone Mets
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A little history, last spring after suffering a painful right leg, triggering a doc visit and subsequent diagnosis of breast cancer returning with bone mets I had radiation to the leg ( as well as other spots) and a rod installed into the leg. All was well, pain and discomfort were minimal. This past month I have been feeling better than I felt all last year, chemo side effects are gone - I have my life back; but .... past 2 weeks, the pain and discomfort are back in the leg, especially cramping in the middle of the night. I can't seem to find a position to counter the pain/ discomfort. Does anyone else have this and what do you do to manage this? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Hi Roxiroller

I looked up leg cramping at night. This link Leg cramping at night offers some potential causes and solutions. Remember, that rod in your leg may be part of the pain related issue, and always best to advise your oncologist about any new pains so they are aware if this persists, and can also offer solutions as well. What is your surveillance follow up schedule - or has that expired?

I went for a bone scan back in December 2020. I was diagnosed with Stage IV unknown primary cancer back in 2016, recurrence in 2017, and its constant surveillance and self awareness. The bone scan for me came back as basically arthritis in many of the joints extending into the long bones as well.

When in doubt - check it out. With an GP and or your oncologist.

Hope this helps

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Roxiroller‍ I am sorry to hear about your leg pain and cramping. I have had some significant cramping in my ankles and shins. I have found that keeping the area warm has helped me. I wear socks to bed and have also used a heating pad. These two things really helped me. You definitely want to talk to your doctor as they may suggest some things or prescribe something to help as well. It is horrible and I feel for you.
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