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Breast Cancer diagnosis at 30 - want to start a family
Hi there,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2019, which was right around the time that my husband and I had been talking about starting a family. At the time we were living in Germany, and I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation there. Finished in Sept 2020. We have now moved back to Canada, and still want to start a family. I am on tamoxifen and receive monthly zoladex injections. Is there anyone else out there who has gone through something similar?? All of the other women I have been connected with, are past that stage in their life, so aren't dealing with this aspect of things. Would love to connect with anyone going through this.
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Hi caitmarie15‍ - I was diagnosed in Aug 2020 at 36. I am single and do not have children. I had always hoped to have children though. Like you my cancer was ER+ and I am now on Tamoxifen. It was very difficult for me to come to terms with not having biological children. My oncologist recommended 10 years of Tamoxifen, taking me until I am 46 and I do not want to have children so late in life. I have heard of women stopping treatment early to attempt to have children (I say attempt because having had chemo one doesn’t know the impact that had on fertility) but for me I could never in good conscience do something that would increase recurrance risk (stop medication early) to have children who would then be negatively impacted if a recurrance did occur (I hope that makes sense, it can be a bit hard to put my thought process on this in to words). So in my case I have settled that if I am to have a family it will be via adoption. Now I just have to find a partner because I don’t think I’d make a very good single parent. In your case though as you were diagnosed younger than me, depending on how long your oncologist is prescribing Tamoxifen maybe you could still try for biological children once you are finished?
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caitmarie15‍ I was post menopausal when I had cancer after premature ovarian failure, but a Facebook group I’m in has lots of success stories of women in their early 30’s who have cancer treatment for breast cancer and have children.

I would suggest that you discuss your options with your oncologist and your obgyn - they should be able to advise and support you through the process.

Wishing you every success in your quest, best wishes Essjay
I'm currently having treatment with Mount Sinai's fertility centre. I'm 32 and have stage 2 triple negative IDC. I've been lucky enough to begin the process of harvesting eggs prior to starting my chemo in 3 weeks. I can't speak to your specific situation and treatment plan, but I can tell you they are very intuitive with cancer patients and even have compassionate coverage for some eligible treatments for cancer patients and survivors. I'd ask your doctor to send you a requisition for there if you are in the Toronto area. They can discuss your options in conjunction with your oncologist.
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H‍ello Isthisreallife‍ , I am 32 and single and want to have a family too. I have also been prescribed Tamoxifen which I will start in June. I was also referred to Mount Sinai’s and they have started my process . Fortunately I was given chemo so one has to be on wait list for 6 months to freeze eggs. You should definitely look into this option just a back up .

How are you doing with Tamoxifen side effects and how are you dealing with it ??
Hi SBK‍ - because I am triple negative, Tamoxifen will not treat my cancer, so I can't speak to that.. My only options is good old fashioned chemotherapy, which they do prior to surgery for most triple negative breast cancers. I'm lucky to have been able to freeze the eggs prior to starting my chemo. My oncologist was understanding of my wish to do so and delayed my 1st chemo treatment by two weeks to accommodate the process. Just had the retreival procedure done yesterday. Recovery feels like having really bad period cramps for 24 hours. Then it shifts to just average bad period cramps. Hoping by tomorrow I'll be semi-back to normal, before I put my body through the next challenge of chemo next week. If anyone is able to help you. Mt. Sinai is the place, and as I mentioned before, if you don't have insurance coverage, they have a compassionate coverage program for cancer patients. Wishing you well on your journey!!
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