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Shrinkage on CKD 4-6 inhibitors Ibrance & Aristrozol
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Upside Goof News the ; Aromatase Inhibitors First 3 mth cycle has worked in targeted oral treatments of combined has lowered the sizes of *2 left lung hot spots❗️Minimal side effects , and able to continue live functioning provided I keep good habits in self care and selectively I noticed by upping it gradually . Oops just noticed typo oh well have a laugh 😹 all thumbs or no skin print gone ❓
When ,how, what synopsis ;” each find one size treatment does not fit all !”WHY ? !
Those spots were found : post Oct surgery done Nov and by thorough & additional scans in Island 🏝 winter, the last was a CT:sPET 2020 at a Regional Vancer Centre hospital ,
Tenderly yet professionally told by my Onco , that made it diagnosed from IDC stage 2 being assessed to MBC stage 4 2021 advanced cancer !😪But left empowered and ready to take this on , to live longer , as he said they wanted me to live more then the “prognostication estimated” mathematical algorithms calculate Lacey_Moderator‍ ❗️And I do too , pumping myself up in this challenge that’s suitable ❗️🤙
Just like others here on CC/CCS Ten_minutes‍ honouring your shared efforts here , we in less supports find in the pandemic changes or unaware .
But I am so grateful .....to have a treatment plan @ Essjay ‍@JustJan‍ see moi wondering why radiation was the treatment pushed for preventative ❓Mopping up loose cancer cells from surgery yes true ❗️❓Especially when healthy cells we need are destroyed by Radiation or Chemo being so toxic it kills the person ❗️👎 That I wonder about Stem Cell therapy or Biosyns or Immunotherapy for advanced cancer Dauntless‍ . When an oncologist tells U you listen ! Or get an -other opinion , share , links , PM here , meditate think on it ? At least do online research from any reputable cancer hospital centre , SURF 🏄‍♀️ online or ask statistics ask someone @Lacey_Moderator‍ ?! ashcon‍‍ active available .
And grateful for your modelled examples here , we have to sometimes aggressively advocate from getting past the Covid measures as cancer patients ,otherwise are more assertive to survive . Not be the sacrificial lamb , god not the mistake either ? thats old thinking being the martyr, left suffering ❗️Tell your Onco or either pushing their doctors in a workable relationship to understand “we do not want to die “ not by protocol outdated & based on what model❓Canada has a lot of solid physicians with good intent ........ Fight & challenge the cancer , engarde 🤺 ❗️
Or get past the politics of fears, being newbies, with anxieties and thank those here or elsewhere for sharing to protect you . For moi was more that we do not have Universal Medical Coverage here in BC. like a home business under a Umbrella ☔️ Ig I do not pay into private benefits ! Maybe that is good and less limited -ing❓
Neither Nor but a Positive approach ,not to confuse sink u low but something tangable bc it does get surreal . Buy into a more of a more inclusive team in a “Survival Plan “ ✅( a form so all involved know issued in Manitoba ) between all a persons medical doctors , those involved with a cancer patients care etc . Because it goes fast with an Oncology team to help you ask for that ❗️Tell them what u do want and don’t !
,,,. So I asked the GPO about the latter ✅SP & that she said she would bring to her team in our Satellite 📡 Cancer Clinic in the nearby local hospital . Yet to hear , as she still speaks fast what I need to know . And my own GP has reduced hours from pandemic & 2 practices . Their medical practice had to move combine into a larger one . Many constant changes . as today in directives that some share elsewhere employed . /
😺The details of numbers 2 follow on my profile to come ; when I see my copy in black & white numbers of results from my CT scan . Where is the Advanced Cancer group forum ? I cannot access easily via the menu so @Lianne_Moderator‍ @Dauntless‍ @Lacey_Moderator‍ @WestCoastSailor,@ Saharabee
Next speaking to my Oncologist soon in April and what it means the GPO phone appt today just now shared . Or the tech in Bone Mineral Density scan does only your left hip & torsoe then combines this ? Showing no Osteoporosis either , but I feel like I am shrinking , woman (recall that funny movie ) hunched , bunched up , sitting in a huge oversized rocking chair ! Actress Lily Tomlin lol 😆
It is important to check your height & weight in cancer treatment followups . Q: Any one get blood 🩸 work done & what norms are rbc , wbc ❓I was told my platelets were good ?!
Done just yesterday , results showed a“reduction of lymph node & other hot spot “ between arteries that was near the left breast of 2 areas of lungs .
Found post partial mast, breast surgery making me Mets and now something to celebrate 🎊 the small and big things , compounded during Covid frustrations being alive . Meditative 🧘‍♀️ Prayerful and hopeful in good results happening from my adjuvant treatment 🐰🐇❓Hoppping along., .make life beautiful u r not the cancer ♋️
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That is good news, very happy for you🙂
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That's great Elle! I am so pleased for you!

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Oh Saharabee‍ though we r different cancers we are together in other matters admiring your Canadian spirit ! How r u and the Maggie doing ?
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Realistically I know from the ladies here it could change but building bridges lol yes literally .A Japanese Garden next ! As u must be by the Algonquin as ice breaks the docks up I recall if not built on a log rock crib my dad did knee high boots fixing it in the fall lol !
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This is good to hear elle29‍ - you sound so happy, and rightly so. Best wishes, Essjay
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elle29‍ Sent you a four foot thank you to this post, got lost in posting, so I will say Thank You, Feeling down with chemo that I had to beg for dripping in my veins, but, your post gave me hope ,that I may find a better way. Good luck on your journey. Dianne (Dauntless)

Great news elle29‍ about the reduction of lymph node and other hot spot.

Thanks for sharing. WIshing you a wonderful Easter weekend.

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elle29‍ I am so happy to hear your good news. For me, spring is a season of hope and renewal. I hope it can be that for you too.
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