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So I’m confused about calcifications!!! I have TNBC. Had my mastectomy, chemo, radiation and waiting on second mastectomy hopefully March. Had a mammogram on second breast. Six biopsies and the radiologist says several areas of concern but couldn’t get them all in biopsies , too many. Calcifications throughout the breast. Several in groups of more than three attached together, apparently, thats concerning. All biopsies negative for cancer. So....... when I have the mastectomy are the chances of finding cancer amongst all of these calcifications significantly higher? I’m guessing yes! I’m bracing for it. But where Ive had chemo common sense says that should have taken care of the cancer should there have been some. Or.... the chemo didn’t work!! Thoughts and worries all the time. This is what cancer does!!! If all is negative after the mastectomy can I finally move on?? Man I hope so!!! Surgeon consult March 11th, surgery hopefully to follow shortly after. Thoughts????
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Hi Inca
I was diagnosed with TNBC of my left breast in Aug, 2019. Prior to that in 2105 I had an excisional biopsy for microcalcifications which came back benign. Like you I had some calcifications they did not get. I did ask my oncologist about this and she said that she did not believe there was any cancer there 4 years before I was diagnosed given that my tumor was TNBC. Her opinion was that I would have been stage 4 instead of stage 1 if that was the case as the calcification were removed 4 years prior to my cancer diagnosis.
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Inca‍ I can certainly appreciate the anxiety you are experiencing. I was diagnosed with TNBC in January 2019 and ovarian cancer in May 2019. It was also determined that I am BRCA1 positive. I had a lumpectomy in February 2019 (before BRCA results were known). My breast surgeon has been following me since that time. I had a mammogram in December and it identified some microcalcifications. My surgeon felt that they were benign but we opted to do a biopsy to find out for sure rather than do a followup in 6 months time. Indeed they were benign. I will be having a bilateral mastectomy in early 2022 (when I am finished my ovarian cancer treatment). When we were discussing the biopsy, and if it did come back positive, we would move the mastectomy up and get it taken care of. I felt better knowing we had a plan in place.

You are right that cancer does make us fret and worry and causes so much stress. I know it’s hard, but try not to think of the worst case scenario. Try to focus on your surgery that is happening soon and that you are doing everything you can to prevent cancer going forward. Take a deep breath, you can do this!

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