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Breast pain constant with lumps
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Hello everyone, I am dealing with constant breast pain and lumps in my left breast, as well as left-sided back pain. I'm so worried cancer will been discovered too late. Anyone have any advice? My family doctor is quite intimidating and I live in a town with few doctors so I cannot find a new one. Two years ago, with a different doctor, I ended up having an ultrasound on that same left breast with apparently benign complicated cysts with BI-RADS 2. Should I tell my family doctor about the scan? I'm worried he will be angry I went elsewhere to get the requisition as I don't trust him. Now, with the pandemic, I can only really go to him. Thanks so much for being here and wishing you all good wishes.
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Joycebabe‍ I'm sorry to hear that you are in this situation. The stress of potential breast cancer and a bad doctor has to be taking an emotional toll. It's a sad situation when you have to fear telling someone the truth.

Is there no way to see the previous doctor? How did you manage to see this doctor the other time and have tests done? Even with covid I would think the same thing could be done.

As for your own doctor, when it comes to your health, it is best to advocate for yourself...fear or no fear. You can fear the doctor or fear the results of not finding out what is going on with your health. Ultimately, it's certainly not my call. Everyone has their own unique situation and has to do what works for them.

You could try asking your doctor what he or she would do if someone came to them with (insert the results of your scan) and asked for tests to be completed to detemine if they had cancer what would you do. Find out their reasoning for why they would or would not do tests. Knowing this information could help you make your argument about why you need testing

Having said all this, it really shouldn't be this hard.

If your are okay with sharing, please let me know how you make out.

How sad that you have to deal with this family doctor! Unfortunately, today we must fight for ourselves and our health care. I have luckily got a wonderful family doctor but even he said to me when I found a lump “ well, you know with the virus here we’re not really doing many mammograms !!” At first I said okay and hung up, then I mustered up my courage and called back insisting I needed a mammogram right away. It was found that I have cancer and had a mastectomy within a week. I don’t tell you this to scare you (although you sound pretty scared already). Your situation can be completely different, but, I’m a firm believer in listening to ones own inner voice and fighting for what you believe. I’m sorry to say but you need to not let this intimidating doctor tell you what you need when YOU feel something going on. “ I feel that I saved my own life by insisting on a mammogram that day!” Be strong, girl, that person may be a doctor but they still poop everyday just like the rest of us!!!!!! Sending good wishes to you!!!
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Dear Inca, I'm praying for you and your complete recovery. Thanks so much for taking the time to write and give me the encouragement to speak out and ask for the tests. Take care.
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Joycebabe‍ do you have a Breast Health Centre nearby? We have one in Winnipeg, and we can self-refer for any issue with our breasts. This is helpful if we have a doctor that is not really responding to our concerns.

Have you made a doctor’s appointment yet?

Any concerns about a patients breast should be investigated with urgency, bad doctor or not. They treat you as if you have cancer until they know for sure you don’t...Many times they can tell on a mammogram that it’s not, and reassure the patient.

They are doing mammograms during COVID, even if they are behind on screening, any women with concerns should be being screened. I have my routine cancer follow-up mammogram scheduled next month...

I hope you can get some answers soon xx
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Thanks so much. Wishing you all the best and a cancer-free scan! Is there any scenario where you can get a scan within a day or two or it would take a month given the pandemic?
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Joycebabe‍ In Ontario, you can book a screening online or call any breast screening location without a doctor's referral. You didn't mention your age, but if you are under 50, I would call first and then book online.
Screenings are still happening no matter which zone you live in. You should also consider visiting an urgent care clinic, if you are in pain you need to be seen. If you don't trust your doctor, this is a viable solution/ work-around. Attending doctor could also provide a rec to an OBS clinic. I put the link above for breast screening sites.
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I have some good news--I was referred to the OBSC in Kitchener (Grand River), but it will take up to 3 weeks for an appointment (for a bilateral ultrasound and mammogram). It's sad that women have to wait so long when they are in pain and worried. Wish the system were better. Thanks for all your advice. All the best.
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