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CIBC Run for The Cure- Watch the event!
This year, while we can’t unite in person, we’re excited to bring Canadians together for our reimagined #CIBCRunfortheCure and show our support those affected by breast cancer.
On October 4, we’ll kick off the Run with a virtual opening ceremony at 11:30 AM EST. We’re sharing some of the exciting details of what’s to come during the live stream!

➡️ Remarks from a Participant of Hope who will share her inspiring story
➡️ Performances by talented Canadian musicians including Jully Black, Barenaked Ladies, Jess Moskaluke and Carolyn Dawn Johnson
➡️ A high-energy warm up featuring our favourite fitness leaders from across Canada
➡️ Our virtual Wall of Hope where you can share inspirational messages, photos and videos
Check out our website to view the full event day schedule, download the Run Day Participant Kit, write your own message on our Wall of Hope and more!


Visit cibcrunforthecure.ca to be directed to the live-streamed broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. You don’t need an account on either platform to watch!
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Happening now! 
Runner Girl
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I have just completed my Run for the Cure.  I ran 1 km for every $100 that was donated on my behalf ($1019), plus a little extra for myself and all the other breast cancer warriors (I dedicated my "race" to you frozenstar‍ , for you are a true Warrior).  It was +12 when I started and it's up to +16 now, a bit too warm for my liking.

Runner Girl
Wendy Tea
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Runner Girl‍  Congratulations!  You look so healthy happy and relaxed!  All pink and rosy! Thanks for your huge effort! Hugs.
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Omg thank you!!!!!! Runner Girl‍ 
wow! You are amazing lady! I am filled with pride for you right now!!!!!!
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Congrats Runner Girl‍ !!!!! You are amazing! !! And you look fabulous !!!!
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Way to go Runner Girl‍!!  You look fabulous! Glad you had a good outing today for this worthy cause!
(it's cold and rainy here in Ontario - yuck.) 
Not quite as fabulous as Runner Girl‍ but I did my bit. Some of you are aware of the pink tutu challenge. I wanted to be sure that you knew it happened.

It happened. This is my post from Facebook so apologies for the cross posting. Things I learned:
1. People love a guy running in a tutu. Lots of laughs waves and "you can do this.
2. At the end of 6K it is really hard to not step in dog s***. People pick up after your damm dog!
3. I can do it. The mask was a pain so I compromised and only wore it when I was around people.
4. It felt lonely. There were several other groups of pink shirts but I was the only solo runner that I saw. But then I thought of all my supporters cheering me on. And then it wasn't so lonely.
5. People are amazing. I figured a couple hundred bucks. But we raised over $750! Thank you


Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement. Kims1961‍  gets credit for the training plan.  And I started this week on the 10K training so I have that to look forward to next year. Oh and I was 10 out of 65 when I punched into the leaderboard today!

Congrats and thank you to all who participated 😊😊
Runner Girl
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WestCoastSailor‍ ,

Well done Angus!!!

Look how far you've come in such a short time!  I am very proud of you!!

Runner Girl
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Way to go WestCoastSailor‍ you are super awsome!!!!congrats! !!!!!
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Well done all! Those who participated,

those who supported and those who just take each day, one step at a time.

I can’t top Angus in outfit but did have a running buddy, who beat me by a paw!
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Way to go everyone! Congrats! So great to see the pictures. Thank you! You inspire us all 😊
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WestCoastSailor‍ Your photo made my day!!  And congratulations!
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WestCoastSailor‍   10 out of 65? That's fantastic! Gearing up to the 10k? Even more fantastic!
Congratulations and Bravo(!) for representing the many male breast cancer patients that are out there. 
Pink tutus rule. 

Kims1961‍ you look fantastic! Nice that you have a running buddy that keeps your competitive edge alive! 
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The virtual opening ceremonies were amazing! My mom and I watched them together. I hate that we share this fight, but am so grateful for how it is bringing us closer.

Unfortunately the weather here in Ontario was terrible (cold and wet) and I was only 4 days out from chemo (so totally wiped out + immune system in the toilet). We decided to delay our walk by one week as a result. We’ll get out there on October 14 and walk. I figure our sponsors (just shy of $1000) deserve a couple photos of us in our pink shirts at least! 
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