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Strange new pain and swelling on and around lumpectomy incision 10+ mo post operation - Freaking out a little
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Hi there
I had a 10-mm gr.III left invasive ductal carcinoma diagnosis in late July 19. Lumpectomy mid Aug. Nodes neg. Oncotype 27. Chemo x 4 Oct-Dec, Radiation 20 treatments ending Feb.14.  Had great surgical recovery. No issues. Some swelling and GI issues post chemo issues right up to recently, but otherwise good recovery. Other than exhaustion. Still tired.  Had mammogram early March. COVID kicked in. Phone call with surgeon said mammo was fine.

6? weeks ago incision started itching. A lot.

3-4 days ago, lots of sharp pain in and around incision area. Noticable puckering of nipple, and area below nipple. Itching has stopped though.

Please tell me this is normal because I am freaking out a little. I cannot talk to family, friends or work - everyone is in COVID chaos to varying degrees.  Tried to call surgeon but because of COVID can't reach anyone. Will keep trying.

Please tell me this is normal.
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Wendy Tea
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JacquelineM‍  I am sorry you are experiencing this pain. You have kept up your massages to prevent lymphedema like I do on a daily basis? I dont know if any symptoms are normal. Since offices are closed Wednesday,  please try to reach you family doctor,  the nurse hotline,  your surgeon,  oncologist or radiologist tomorrow.  If all else fails you may want to go to emergency and see if you can get an ultrasound  or some other investigative test. Please dont ignore this. Let me know when you find out that it was nothing to worry about. I have my fingers crossed. 
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JacquelineM‍ ,

Hi, we have almost same diagnosis time and surgery time. I was diagnosed early August right after long weekend, and my surgery date was Sept 10. I did whole body CT the end of November, then bone scan the end of December. I just did mammography last Friday, they told me orally it was fine, thanks God! My surgery area also still feel itch and pain, I was even very scared of mammography, technician said, boost definitely made things different,I also had 20 rounds. I don't want to say everything shall be like this, you'd better contact your doctor for another checkup. I had been worried about this for a while, at least now I relax after mammography. 

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JacquelineM‍ Im sorry you are experiencing new symptoms. My lumpectomy was October 2018, and I have noticed that things have changed in the breast. I have been massaging the scar tissue and it has softened a bit. I’m finding that has changed the shape of my breast. I lost the bottom left quadrant of my left breast and it now looks hollow. Not quite how the surgeon suggested things would look - he said my body would fill in the ‘chunk of me’ he removed (his words)...I also have some puckering on the scar, and I’ve had itching at various times. I believe this is just our bodies healing.
However, anything that is worrying you should be shared with your oncologist, or if you’ve been signed off their care, your family doctor. You should be having 6-monthly breast checks and annual mammograms so there should be opportunities to raise concerns (although as I’m experiencing myself COVID is changing the protocol for in-person visits to phone calls)...

How does it feel today?

best wishes Essjay
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Hi there EssjayCatherine6666‍ and Wendy.
I have an appointment at the hospital Thursday morning. I am glad a friend of mine kept pushing me to keep calling everyone at the hospital in my "support" team. Someone put me in touch with my surgeon's secretary, and after explaining what was going on, she got me an appointment Thursday morning.

It is sore both at rest and particularly to the touch.

I will let you know what happens Thursday.
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