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Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by Nav on Jun 25, 2020 1:32 am

Hello Everyone ,
I’m 42 yr old Mom who was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer last year and underwent lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation thinking I never have to face cancer again in my life . Little did I knew that Triple Negative breast cancer have high chance of reoccurrence and here I’m facing cancer once again . The only difference is that it has metastasized and has spread to my lungs and 2 lymph nodes in my neck . My Oncologist told me surgery is not an option , they can’t give me radiation as the tumour is in different spots in the lungs and the only treatment is standard oral chemo pills ( more palliative care) and hope for the best . 
Not willing to let Doctors dictate my fate , I started looking into other options to save my life , did research on Immunotherapy, clinical trials and got opinions from Oncologist from USA ( who is willing to even operate ) but finances and travel during C19 are big hurdles . So it’s been 4 weeks I got diagnosed and still waiting to start treatment . I sought  second opinion and my new Oncologist has ordered some tests to confirm my eligibility for clinical trials . Immunotherapy being not covered we have to pay for it which is quite expensive .  
Wondering if someone underwent similar situation and can provide some advice and also how to get on with your life after you have been handed death sentence by the Doctor's. I have 2 kids , one of them have autism , how do I prepare myself or them and accept it. 
I apologize for long message but just going through a lot these days .

Re: Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by Essjay on Jun 25, 2020 11:17 am

Oh Nav‍ Im so sorry to hear of your new diagnosis.

As TNBC patients, this is exactly what we dread. A recurrence so soon after you have been through treatment...I have a check up with my oncologist in 10 days time and I’m feeling the anxiety of the possibility of there being something new.

I know nothing I can say can take away the fear of what you face. But please know that we are in your corner and here to listen and help as much as we can.

I’m tagging Lyne‍ as I know she is dealing with lung Mets and TNBC. She can likely help with some of your questions about what happens now.

Best wishes Essjay xx
Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor since July 2018

Re: Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by Nav on Jun 25, 2020 3:54 pm

Hi Essjay‍ ,
Thanks for your support and reaching out to Lyne . I really appreciate it and hope you don’t have any reoccurrence and hope no one ever has to go through what I’m going through . 

Re: Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by Lianne_adminCCS on Jun 25, 2020 5:53 pm

Welcome to the community Nav‍ 

I am glad you have met Essjay‍  and have no doubt you will hear from Lyne‍  as well.
Good for you to seek out a second opinion. When do you have your tests that he/she has ordered?

Keep us posted


Re: Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by Lyne on Jun 25, 2020 9:06 pm

Nav‍ ,
I sent you a private message, I hope that's okay. I thought it would be a little easier. 🌹

Re: Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by Whitelilies on Jun 26, 2020 10:23 am

Nav‍ Hello
Welcome to our site, so sorry, for the reason.
Forgive me as I have little knowledge or experience in breast cancer ( mine, is WAY down there.....colo-rectal cancer....still fighting) BUT I DO have knowledge/experience with Autism....BOTH my boys, have it!  YUP.....I am a busy mom!  And so are you.
SO: I "get it". I am a bit older than you.....my boys are young dudes now.....BUT I still did NOT tell them....they would NOT "understand"......they may even regress, and get angry etc.....so tight lips around here/extra layer of stress.
I think you are amazing, seeking further medical advice, reaching out, far and wide. Yes....do this....I send you strength, virtually.
I send you hugs too.
ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).....urgh.....
CANCER......changes the landscape


Re: Introducing Myself ( New to the group)

Posted by WestCoastSailor on Jun 26, 2020 11:02 am


Welcome to the group that no one wants to join. I'm the odd one around here with male breast cancer. Talk about luck of the draw. But that isn't what is going to take me out. It's stage 4 lung cancer.

My mom died of breast cancer though when I was young. And so I can speak to the experience of losing my mom as a youth with the benefit of forty years experience. To say that the experience was formative would be to minimize. In many ways I am who I am because of who she was.

Dealing with impending death is a challenge. There are lots of things to say but I'm trying to get out the day for my morning walk so one thought that I may come back and expand on  later. "One day at a time." We have this day so enjoy it. Make the most of it. Get the hard conversations out of the way.  Who do I want to look after my kids? What kind of life do I want for my husband when I'm gone?  There is some really hard stuff to face. But we do this one day at a time. You are a mom so I know you are organized. Find time to relax. Stress is one of the worst accelerators of this disease. Eat well, exercise, and sleep well. Surround yourself with a powerful support group.

And don't forget to live.


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