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Acid reflux And Nausea

Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by DoubleD on Jun 19, 2020 9:18 pm

Hello, I am new to this group.
I have been going through treatment for breast cancer. A side affect that keeps rearing it's ugly head is acid reflux/nausea. Nothing seems to releave it. I also experience a strange sweet taste in my mouth. 
I do not know what to eat anymore.
Does anyone else experience this? If so how do you cope with it!


Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Wendy Tea on Jun 19, 2020 9:25 pm

DoubleD‍  Welcome. I know the oncologist can prescribe meds to take care of this so it would be a great idea to tell your team. I think the change in taste is normal and annoying.  It is sometimes a matter of both trial and error to find something to eat. Maybe some of those who had chemo can help.
Runner Girl‍ 
Healing takes time and opportunity. Wendy Tea

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by DoubleD on Jun 19, 2020 9:41 pm

Thank Wendy Tea‍ 
I did get meds from the oncologist but they are not helping. I will contact them to see if they can offer something else. ‍
This has been my bigest nemesis throughout my whole journey..... had this through chemo then after surgery and now it just started up agian after my 2nd radiation treatment.....darn I was just starting to feel good agian....what a rollercoaster 

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Wendy Tea on Jun 19, 2020 10:07 pm

DoubleD‍  Well you are almost finished if chemo is done. How many radiation treatments are left? I didn't do chemo nor radiation but I heard radiation is easier?
Healing takes time and opportunity. Wendy Tea

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by JustJan on Jun 20, 2020 8:22 am

I had terrible acid reflux with chemo. I was prescribed pantaprozole (Pantaloc) which I took once a day. If I was still having issues I would also take Gaviscon liquid.  Usually I only needed one dose of Gaviscon to settle things out. This seemed to work for me. 

Hope you can find a solution. It certainly isn’t pleasant. 

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Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Peterpatch on Jun 20, 2020 8:54 am

I was wondering what treatment you are on. This is a great site, perhaps someone can help. At the very least there is a lot of very caring people who can relate to your journey. I have had lumpectomy, just finished radiation and getting ready to start Tamoxifen which brings a whole new set of concerns.

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Essjay on Jun 20, 2020 9:06 am

Hi DoubleD‍ i too had terrible indigestion through chemo. I was prescribed Ranitidine, which has been withdrawn now due to it having cancer causing ingredients... this indigestion went with chemo. If it hasn’t gone, perhaps it has another cause. Your oncologist will be only looking for cancer, but you may want to see your family doc, in case there’s something else going on such as an ulcer.

The taste issues lasted longer for me. I lost my sense of taste, things tasted metallic for me and I found many foods tasted too weird to eat. However, it does pass as the cells in your mouth renew. I don’t remember how long that took, but I’d say it was weeks not months. I still don’t tolerate some things. For example I really cannot cope with dairy in my coffee any more. I’ve been sweetening with stevia, but I’m trying to wean myself off it and just have it black - not there yet. The biggest casualty is wine - used to love it, now I’m indifferent...

Good luck with the radiation. How many treatments are you having? Is your skin doing ok?

Essjay xx
Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor since July 2018

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by LucyK on Jun 20, 2020 10:43 am

Pantoprazole greatly relieved my acid reflux.  I take one pill each morning.  Occasionally I will take a Tums before bedtime if needed.  

As far as taste goes, I had the metallic taste for several months.  I only ate out of necessity.  My tastebuds have changed since chemo 1.5 years ago. I have not enjoy food during this time but it is improving now.

I am a survivor of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  I had heavy chemo and a stem cell transplant in Dec 2018.

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by DoubleD on Jun 20, 2020 12:31 pm

Hi Essjay‍ 
Thanks for the info. I also enjoy wine,
That is sad 😞
Do you find foods with suger also upset your stomach now?
I am having 15 sessions of radiation. I just started on wed so I have 12 to go.
no skin redness or irritation as of yet.
I have noticed more swelling and some sharp pains.
I have been moisturizing 👍🏻

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by DoubleD on Jun 20, 2020 12:37 pm

Hi ‍LucyK‍ ,
I was also given pantoprazole after surgery but it was not realy doing it for me 😞 so I stopped taking it.
However I started taking it agian yesterday. No change as of yet But I will keep taking it till monday and see what happens.....
I have nothing to loose and everything yo gain! 😊

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Runner Girl on Jun 20, 2020 1:27 pm

Hi DoubleD‍ ,

I worked thru my treatment and found that the prescription for N/V that was provided made me too tired, even if I took half a pill.  So I went to the health food store and purchased ginger capsules.  These worked fabulously for me, taking care of the nausea, while allowing me to be alert and awake.

You've received some great advise, I hope you find something that works for you.

Runner Girl
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Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by WestCoastSailor on Jun 20, 2020 2:29 pm

Finally a post I can respond to that isn't talking about death and grief...


To this day I suffer the occasional bout of heartburn. Pepcid was recommended to me as a replacement for ranitidine for the heart burn that tums won't touch. When I was in actual treatment I was given a compounded prescription for something called Almagel. Sort of a super "MIlk of magnesia." That let me eat.

A friend recommended to me a shot of straight lemon juice after I complained about heartburn after getting up from a nap. It seemed to work and reduced the coughing that often accompanies the irritation for me. Totally counter-intuitive and unscientific advice. For me the jury is still out. I will try it again though.

The metallic taste is a strange one. Often reported and not much that anyone can scientifically explain or make recommendations about. I didn't have a lot of it but someone suggested that I try plastic utensils when I did and that seemed to reduce the metallic taste. I will admit that it sounded hokey and again is totally unscientific. Probably just proof that it was all psychological really.

I'm surprised that Runner Girl‍ and Essjay‍ didn't mention it but I'm convinced that regular exercise also played a role in keeping nausea in particular at bay. Some nausea results from a misalignment of the three sensory systems that keep us upright. The inner ear, the eye, and this odd thing called the vestibular system have to work together to keep our stomachs working properly.  Exercise, goes the theory, gives these three systems a workout and helps to keep them aligned. I didn't do anything as dramatic as the runners do. I just walked morning and evening. The endorphins alone are worth the effort.

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Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Danae on Jun 21, 2020 8:30 am

Hi @Double D. 
have you tried some milk? That settles my heartburn in general. I get thrush from dexamethasone and some nausea. Maybe that could be the case? Thrush traveled to my throat. Ginger ale helps and the soda part cleans part of the thrush.  I have no experience with chemo, I'm on immunotherapy. Just throwing some ideas until you can speak with your team.
Hope you feel better soon.

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by happyhiker1 on Jun 21, 2020 8:14 pm

DoubleD‍  I started getting symptoms of acid reflux or something called 'silent reflux' (back of throat irritation) during my radiation treatments. I think is must be due to eating bfast and having my morning coffee shortly before lying down for the treatments, arms over head, holding my breath for the 'breath holds, etc., was probably the worst things to do after eating/having coffee.   Do you make sure you haven't eaten for a couple hrs before your treatments?  I wish I had been forewarned...

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Lkitch on Jun 22, 2020 8:16 am

Hello DoubleD‍ , I had stomach issues/hiatis hernia before chemo and reflux became worse with the teatments. Pantoprazole (pantaloc) prescription  plus Diovol  liquid to help after smaller meals and at bedtime. I stop eating about 3 to 4 hours before bed. Drinking more water and avoiding fatty and spicy foods, coffee/caffeine etc. helps. Also, any sweet taste in foods has become amplified and I can hardly tolerate sweets

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Rumi on Jun 23, 2020 11:46 am

I finished radiation treatments in April 2020.     I had a huge increase in acid reflux and feeling nauseous during my radiation treatments.  It started almost immediately.   Several things helped me cope with it.  After talking with my Dr.,  I increased my pantaprazole (pantaloc) meds from once/per day to 2x/day.     I also took ginger gravol about half an hour before the radiation treatment, and then again an hour or two after the treatment.    I kept my diet really bland with saltine crackers and water being a mainstay, even in the middle of the night.   My diet consisted mostly of "white" foods i.e. white rice, chicken  and chicken noodle soup, and  sometimes eggs and toast.   I found keeping my diet bland along with taking the ginger gravol at strategic times really helped decrease the acid reflux and reduce the nausea to a manageable space.    I really relied on the ginger gravol.    I have to say,  I have no desire to use ginger gravol at this point -  I got very tired of the taste.   I'm grateful that the nausea is no longer an issue and the acid reflux is now very manageable.     

Hopefully some of these option will also work for you.  Best wishes.  

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Peterpatch on Jun 24, 2020 9:41 am

I thought ginger was a no no for surgery and radiation?

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by WestCoastSailor on Jun 26, 2020 10:48 am


I reposted our conversation over here so that folks that are just visiting can see it.



All I suggested was using plastic utensils instead of metal. I have a few more thoughts though. Hydration -- drinking -- is one of the most important things a cancer patient can do. I drank a lot of water before all this craziness with cancer began but I found a sipper bottle was a great thing. I had trouble stretching my neck back to drink from a traditional water bottle. A couple of slices of cucumber, or basil, or mint made it interesting and I found it was easy to keep sipping. It takes some experimentation to find the mix that works.

There are some things though that you just have to power through. Mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter. In other words don't let your mind get into the spiral. "I have to eat. This tastes awful." and the more you think about it the worse it tastes. Be the wine connoisseur. Let your palate look for the tastes behind the metallic taste. See if you can find something there to enjoy. Experiment and pay attention. Are there some things that are worse than others? How can I add calories and protein to this thing that I do enjoy? Journals and diaries, keeping track of what you eat will help.

https://cancerconnection.ca/search?query=metallic+taste This search turned up some interesting threads on the site.

Let us know how it goes.

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Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Lyne on Jun 26, 2020 12:40 pm

Thank you. Makes sense.
I'll be the wine connaisor of water! 😁❤

Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by WestCoastSailor on Jun 26, 2020 3:49 pm


Thank you. I wasn't sure when I posted it if it did. But I had a conversation with a fellow patient about it in my metastatic cancer group this morning. We were talking about chocolate specifically She said she loved it too much to give it up just because it tasted bad. She focused on the parts of it that she enjoyed and things like the mouth feel - that rich silky feel of good chocolate and kept on eating.

I'm waiting for the joyful sommelier description of water...

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Re: Acid reflux And Nausea

Posted by Lyne on Jun 26, 2020 4:11 pm

Well WestCoastSailor‍ ,

I experieeented with muddled blueberries, fresh strawberries and basil   I'm on my third bottle.  It nice to taste something a bit stronger, no matter what it is, it livens the tastebuds! Thanks for the idea, simple yet helpful! 🍹