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Post mastectomy surgery

Post mastectomy surgery

Posted by MCoaster on Jan 11, 2020 4:57 pm

Had bilateral mastectomy with no nodes taken 7 weeks ago.   The surgeon (general) who did the surgery left what I now know are called “angel wings”.   When I saw a massage therapist, who is very experienced with mastectomies, she expressed serious concerns about the whole surgery and suggested that my doctor refer me to a plastic surgeon.   As an aside she also questioned why wings were done but I did not know.   They feel like balloons under each arm.   Anyone out there with “wings” or experience of corrective surgery?

Re: Post mastectomy surgery

Posted by Wendy Tea on Jan 11, 2020 5:24 pm

MCoaster‍  yes I had a swelling where the skin was pulled together under the armpit. Over time the swelling went down. I make sure it is tucked under my bra band. This helps flatten it. I know when sewing two pieces of fabric you end up with a ridge like this. I am not prepared to go through another surgery. 

I think if it is an issue you should definitely have a plastic surgeon take a look. 

Best wishes 
Wendy Tea 
I am a survivor. Wendy Tea