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First time ever sick in 70 years

First time ever sick in 70 years

Posted by Kayak1 on Nov 21, 2019 6:30 am

Hi Everyone. This is my first time going through any type of treatment so for that l am truly great full. Oct1st this year l was diagnosed with invasive duct carcinoma of right breast and had a mastectomy and  AND. It is now Nov21st and l am going today for my first chemo treatment. I have been doing great up till now so wish me luck that the chemo doesn’t change my life to much. Thanks

Re: First time ever sick in 70 years

Posted by Wendy Tea on Nov 21, 2019 12:03 pm

Kayak1‍ , welcome and thanks for sharing. I too hit 70 and my feet were taken out from under me by a cancer diagnosis and then a mastectomy. I was lucky and avoided chemo and radiation but had other complications. There are some wonderful ladies here who have gone through the full round of treatment and done really well. I am sure there is some wonderful advice that they will be happy to share. The main one is to drink lots of water. Try to stay active if you can. Rest and listen to your body.

I want to start Kayaking this summer. I think lessons will be in order!

Wishing you well on this next stage of life. I am happily on the same path of enjoying each and every day.
Wendy Tea
Healing takes time and opportunity. Wendy Tea

Re: First time ever sick in 70 years

Posted by Kayak1 on Nov 21, 2019 3:45 pm

Well l had my first round of treatment and it went really well. The nurses and volunteers were great. Had some trouble putting in IV but they were able to find a vein. They are going to arrange a piccline to be put in for next 3 treatments.
l guess l will know better in a few days how l will feel. In the mean time l will play my drums and play Pickleball when l can

Re: First time ever sick in 70 years

Posted by Marsh on Nov 22, 2019 6:48 am

Hi, I like you had never been ill!  At 64 I was floored when diagnosed with IDC in my right breast. I was stage 1, grade 3. At first thought I would only need some radiation after my lumpectomy but the results of the Oncotype test showed I would benefit from some chemo. I did 4 cycles of dose dense chemo, one every 2 weeks. I had no problems with the chemo. I was tired the day of and the next day but after that I just continued on as usual. The PICC line makes it much easier to receive the chemo but I was very happy to have it taken out in the end. It just makes showering more difficult and people were constantly asking me about it as I went through the summer with it in sleeveless tops etc. I still enjoyed the pool. I would wrap it with plastic wrap and just wade around with my arm up out of the water. I had no nausea or sickness at all. After several weeks rest after chemo I did 30 radiation treatments. 25 whole breast and 5 boosts..It went well with very few issues. I did have some fatigue once treatments ended but I'm feeling great now 4 weeks on. Everyone reacts differently but I think staying active and keeping yourself hydrated during chemo helps. I tried not to dwell on it and just live my life. The nurses in the chemo unit are great.. If you have any concerns they are a great source of info. They have seen it all! Glad to hear your first infusion went well!. Keep well.

Re: First time ever sick in 70 years

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Nov 22, 2019 8:25 am

Hi, Kayak1‍ , welcome!

Wendy Tea‍ And Marsh‍ gave you great advice. Hydration is key to keeping your veins “puffed up” 

I’m glad your first treatment went well. My Dad has been on chemo now since July, and he doesn’t have a lot of nausea with it. He isn’t eating as much this time (He also had 4 rounds of chemo in early 2018), but otherwise he’s handling it well. I hope you will, too.

My kayak has been in “dry dock” for 9 years now. It’s a big touring one, and when I left my last relationship, I couldn’t manage it alone. I miss being on the water a lot, and I almost joined the local club this summer, but then Dad got his relapse.
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Re: First time ever sick in 70 years

Posted by Kayak1 on Nov 22, 2019 11:26 am

Hi Wendy. I had a 17 foot touring kayak but found it too hard to get on the car as l got older. Bought a 12 foot fibre glass that is less then 50 lbs l can lift from the water to the carrier. I leave it at the cottage now. Being in the water in the morning watching the beaver and loons brings me great joy. This is my goal after all my treatments