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Time Frames

Time Frames

Posted by Marsh on Jun 11, 2019 5:15 pm

Just curious. How long was it for you between diagnosis and the start of treatment . Did you feel that things moved along at a  good pace or did you feel you were kept waiting and waiting? I start my Chemo on Thursday and as much as I hate the thought of it, I am so ready to get this show on the road! I first saw my surgeon in late Feb. had a lumpectomy end of March and I am starting chemo on Thur June 13th.

Re: Time Frames

Posted by Brighty on Jun 11, 2019 6:25 pm

Marsh‍  hi there........my fiance had esophgeal cancer so not the same situation but he was diagnosed  in june and began treatment  about a month later.      Then there was a 4 month gap until surgery.     He was too weak and too thin to do the surgery  and the chemo needed to be out of his system completely.       I'm wishing you luck on Thursday  with chemo and will be thinking of you.       
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Re: Time Frames

Posted by Aries on Jun 11, 2019 6:51 pm

Hi Marsh‍ - I too have a different cancer to you but I was diagnosed on Feb 25th, no surgery as an initial option, after getting all the scans done through March and then meeting my Oncologist on March 19th, getting a port inserted in my chest on March 29th; I started chemo treatment on April 15th. My Oncologist had wanted me to start chemo on April 2nd but unfortunately someone didn't get the memo so when she discovered this she had me scheduled in ASAP. While the waiting around seems to feel like a long time, I think when I consider all the factors, all the people involved to build my plan then I don't feel it was too long. As you had surgery they may allow for recovery time.
Good luck with chemo! 

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Posted by LPPK on Jun 12, 2019 7:31 am

Hello Marsh‍ I was one of those people that had a long wait.  My journey took me to 6 different hospitals in four different cities (Brockville, Perth, Smith Falls, Ottawa)  on my journey from mammogram call back on Aug 2 to end of radiation Jan 9.  It felt a very long time while I was going through the process, but as a look back I really can't complain about the 5 months it took for the whole process. 
I am glad to hear that your treatment will start tomorrow.  I found I rested a little easier once treatment started and the wait was over.  Good luck with your first chemo treatmnent.

Re: Time Frames

Posted by Essjay on Jun 12, 2019 7:47 am

Hi Marsh‍ I was diagnosed with IDC Triple negative July 30 2018, I met the surgeon August 20, had partial mastectomy October 11, follow up with surgeon November 13, met medical oncologist December 5, radiation oncologist December 7, had various scans including MUGA for chemo planning, port placed December 17, started chemo December 19 (dose dense ACT, finished April 3), started radiation May 7 finished June 4.
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Re: Time Frames

Posted by dmarie on Jun 12, 2019 2:20 pm

Hi  Marsh‍ 

I first saw my doctor on October 17th. due to a cancellation I got in for a breast ultrasound the next day. That was followed by a biopsy on November 2nd with results not available until November 14th. Things moved fairly quickly then and I had a mastectomy on December 4th. There was then what felt like a long wait while I went for CT scan, MUGA scan and bone scan. Finally saw an Oncologist on January 15th and a Radiologist on January 22nd. Chemo started February 14th (happy valentines day ha ha) and ended April 18th. Another 5 week pause and I started radiation on May 27th. I should be finished on June 28th. I will be on anti estrogen drugs for 5 to 10 year starting in July.

At the time it can feel like a lot of waiting as you just want to get it over with and worry that delays could make the cancer grow. In hindsight I guess it hasn't been that long but I will be so happy when June 29th comes around.  

Re: Time Frames

Posted by Canoegoddess on Jun 12, 2019 6:31 pm

I am 5 months into DCIS and only now have been sent for genetic testing (after two surgeries), delaying my RADs to month 7.  It is frustratingly slow and the bureaucracy keeps crossing their wires. If I don't call daily, appointments don't get booked, tests don't get scheduled  or they get scheduled in the wrong order, and so forth. I'd hate to think how overwhelming this would be for someone who has been weakened by late stage cancer and/or chemo. Supposedly there is a "patient navigator" assigned to keep things moving but the one assigned to me is clearly carrying too big a load to keep everyone's stuff straight and moving along on a timely basis. (The GTA is hugely populated and hugely under-resourced for the millions of people depending on the system.) While the folks I have dealt with have been kind, concerned and are clearly committed, it's also clear that if you don't advocate for yourself or have someone who can do it for you, you're at a high risk of falling between the cracks of this cracked system.

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Posted by Kims1961 on Jun 12, 2019 10:37 pm

Marsh‍ Good luck tomorrow with chemo!  Getting started is such a big step and you're so right about the emotional part of the journey - just getting started feels so much better.


Cancer Care Ontario has listed on it's website the protocols and pathways for treatment of Cancer in ontario. I"m not sure if you are in Ontario or not but it's worth checking out.

We are with you tomorrow!  Kim
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