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Breast Reconstruction and ICD Defibrillator

Breast Reconstruction and ICD Defibrillator

Posted by DViolet on Nov 23, 2018 3:24 pm

Please, I hope someone can help.  I am at a loss after meeting with both a radiologist and plastic surgeon.  No matter my options for treating my DCIS with microinvasion after two lumpectomies I seem to be stuck. You see I have an ICD implant, Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator.

First option: I had it decided that I didn't want radiation but was confirmed when he said that my ICD implant is on the same side as the affected breast would have to be moved to the other side. How? By splicing some wires? I understood that it couldn't be moved. Frankly, I don't want yet another surgery that would be emergency.  

Second Option: My plastic surgeon who is just setting up her own practice then tells me the length of the DIEP flap surgery is too long for the surgery.  I have never had an incident where it has gone off, the ICD, as I had a cardiac ablation 1 year after the ICD.  Second that the blood vessels she would have to reconnect are right by the device.  I frankly think she is scared of it as she didn't know anything about how to handle it.

Third Option: An artificial implant requires tissue expanders, tissue expanders can put pressure on the device. From my own research, I see that it is the magnetism of the expanders causes the ICD issues. Again I don't think she knows what to do. She seems too inexperienced for me.  Does ANYONE know a plastic surgeon who knows how to deal with an ICD implant?  Time is wasting, I cannot plan my life or Christmas.  I want it over, this is nuts. Even the radiologist said it is getting late for me to start treatment, it should have been 5 weeks earlier that we began preparing for it.  Now I have to wait to see if it is my only option and if the ICD can be moved.  

I will go wherever to have reconstruction with whomever. I am not the kind of person who can live with only one breast.  I am larger, it is part of my identity and I am youngish.  I need someone to do this and do it right. 

Re: Breast Reconstruction and ICD Defibrillator

Posted by Lacey_adminCCS on Jan 30, 2019 12:29 pm


I'm sorry that you weren't able to connect with someone who has been through something similar. 

How are things going? Any news to share?