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Overall Forum Functionality - VS Alternatives
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It's great that this site exists. But I find it hard to use as a Forum (in my case concerning prostate cancer). So I spend time on other sites. Which are easier to use and present dialogues which are "denser".

I have been involved in helping spec and manage a few forums, as well as being a not infrequent user of online forums in several areas of life and business. And I know how expensive and even difficult it is to redesign. But I think your site needs a redesign. Because the costs in frustration to achieve engagement and information is too high.

Thanks you for considering my POV.

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@JHMX - thanks for joining us and taking the time to be part of our community too! We will have a new forum very soon! It’s been in the works.

Sorry to read about all you have gone through with the delay in getting an early diagnosis. ❤️‍🩹

Warm welcome


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@Trillium - thanks for your note. It's great that the Forum interface will be updated. FYI the editing is good - better than most even. The issue that I have is more the context and navigation, in other words “where am I?”, “Is there anything new or interesting today?”, “What's up with the dialogues I'm involved with?” You could say that these things are already present now, which is true, but it's not so easy is my impression. Also the big yellow bar at the top for the CCS is wasted space.

Cynthia Mac
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JHMX‍ it may depend on the device you’re using or the way you choose to use the site. I use a new-gen iPad, and don’t find that the “big yellow bar” takes up too much space. I do, however find it to be VERY yellow.

I often use the links in the big yellow bar to refer back to areas I visit frequently - looking up resources for new people to the site, looking up individual members to respond to them privately, and looking up old posts that might have a glimmer of something that will help someone.

In your profile, you can “subscribe” to areas that are of particular interest to you, and you can set your profile up to get notifications within those areas via e-mail or in a daily digest. The list is very comprehensive. You’ve got the background to go in and poke around in there (you may already have), and customize this site for you.

I’m not quite sure of the “magic” behind it, but on my big yellow bar, both “caregiver” and “lung cancer” appear, and that will be because I have something set in my profile, from back when I was giving care to my father who had lung cancer.

There are two people who might be able to give you more information. One is Lianne_Moderator‍ , who has been working with the redevelopment team, and the other is WestCoastSailor‍ , who is a member on the site and has done some website development.


Thanks for your feedback about the site. Stay tuned for future/( plans for improvement!

From your My home page- you can access recent content, your groups, your bookmarks etc. Check it out here: myHOME - CancerConnection.ca

The yellow bar you are referring to is your navigation bar a key tool for finding your way around the site.

If you have any questions about navigating the site please feel free to reach out.


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