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More Options?

I'd like to see a few more options to choose from when selecting a reaction using the ‘like’ button under people's posts. Is there a limitation on the number of emoticons that can be displayed? Several times I've wanted to use a laughing emoji and when I don't find one I think maybe this site isn't supposed to have humour - which I know isn't true. Also I just saw someone else write “I was going to pick something from the Like button but they had no tears.” If there's a limitation, is it time to revisit what emoticons are currently offered versus wanted by the community to see if a slight change is needed?


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@RBION I know this is something that @Lacey_Moderator and @Lianne_Moderator are looking at. I have tagged them in so they are aware of your request.

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@JustJan @RBION @Lacey_Moderator @Lianne_Moderator …I agree and often thought I'd like a HUG emoticon or something…when people share a sad story…I'd rather send a virtual hug than a HEART (I don't love the sad story)


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Thanks @JustJan - they might be able to pull metrics on the icons used over recent years as a starting point, then potentially ask community members for input. I figure if we don't at least ask we'll never know the possibilities.

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@RBION - yes, I think we all agree with the need for a variety of icons. They are working on a new site (👏) for us and are working on icons to use like @justjan said! I use the love icon to express caring and feel that love in all it’s expressions can’t hurt. I guess I want to get the message across that I care. It is awkward though and would rather have more choices.

This forum is very different than an average forum so could use more choice. Sometimes an emoticon is better than words or no response at all.

@RBION @Sadie12 - Thank you for the feedback :)

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