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Erratic digest delivery

Is anyone else experiencing erratic delivery of the digest email?

I use it to keep track of what is happening in a few forums that I'm interested in. But it has been getting worse and worse in delivery. And no it is not in my spam filter.

This last week I didn't get it Saturday and Sunday and then again today Thursday. Even Canada Post has a better record than that.


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Cynthia Mac
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Mine have been coming through daily, WestCoastSailor‍ . I can’t imagine it, but would it be possible that some of your discussions had no new content to put into a digest? (I mean, you probably have settings on BC, and LC, too, right?)
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@WestCoastSailor mine have been coming through as expected as well.

@WestCoastSailor - You have a pretty extensive subscription list I will follow up.

Did you receive it today?

Thanks Lacey. Yeah ever since I complained. It has been as regular as clockwork.

I know 8 shouldn't have my web developer hat on but I would it money on a Cron job timing out and because my userne starts off a W I'm cutoff at the end of the list.

Don't spend a lot of time on it. It's irritating is all.


WestCoastSailor‍ - That hat is useful!!! Don't lose it :)

Keep us posted if it stops again :)

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I'm not having an erratic delivery problem; but every time I click on a thread to take me to the website; my computer is telling me that the site is not secure? Is this happening to anyone else?

@Lacey_Moderator nothing the last two days…


WestCoastSailor‍ - I have IT looking into this.

Cairo‍ - I have confirmed the security certificate is in place for the site. I have reached out to IT regarding the issue you experienced.

I will get back to you both!
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