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Tech Issues Resolved With New Profile/Account
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The tech issues I am having with my original profile/account are absent with this new profile/account.

1. The menu or toolbar is visible across the top of the message box. It is absent with the original profile/account.
2. Paragraphs are separated instead of sentences all running together.
3. I can tag members with this new profile/account: Lacey_Moderator‍, Lianne_Moderator‍, supersu‍, Cynthia Mac‍, WestCoastSailor‍, Runner Girl‍ and Trillium‍. Thank you very much for your tech suggestions in the other posts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this in the original profile/account? Thank you for your assistance. Cheers!
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@SS2020 - so glad you found the fix. I have no clue but the tech folks will on Monday, I’m sure. It may be happening to other members too? Anyway, glad you can connect again!🌺

@SS2020 - So sorry about this, thanks for letting us know. I am looking into this now.

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